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      I get pulplations in my heart all the time it’s a horrible feeling in the world I try my hardest not to let thease pulplations win me . But I cant get them to stop my heart hurts. I now its worry and stress but sometimes I dont have to think about anything they would just come I wish they would go away how do you ladys deal with anxiety if you have experienced this in your life ? I take depression tablets i have to get stronger ones.
      Is there anything natural we can do to stop thease
      Pulplations in my heart they are so scary ? The pupltatons always give me a fear like I am going to die.

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      My youngest taught me a technique for the panic attack. Apparently you need to stand and look around your space and count all the items of a certain colour. Your brain can’t panic and count.
      I am also trying to self help rather than antidepressants. When I feel myself getting really agitated then I take myself out for a walk. But I try and walk as fast as I can to start with. I must look a little crazy but it helps to release some of the anxiety.
      I would recommend seeing your gp though if things are getting too bad. I personally hated the way I felt on the tablets but I appreciate that there are times when they are needed. Xx

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      Hi Beautiful Angel…Rosemary,
      I am saddened to hear you are experience palpitations … they must feel very scary when they come on.
      If you can start to control these things naturally I would certainly recommend it.
      Controlling your breathing will defiantly help, but this is a practice and takes daily work. Try looking at the Wim Hof technique on YouTube, this man can sit in freezing temperatures by just controlling his breath… it shows you what is possible when you take control of your mind.
      Yoga is also a great practice to get into, you don’t have to get all the poses perfect… the important things is to stretch and open the body. Like Catjam said about panic and concentrating, you also cant think of other things while you are trying to balance so try standing on one leg and getting focused.
      It’s your body and your breath, you have the power to control it.
      Take control of yourself and taking control of your life will follow.
      Sending continued love and support
      Darcy xx
      P.S On a side note, B12 deficiency which is very common, especially in vegans and people who don’t have a balanced diet can give you heart palpitations … I use to wake up with them… again it’s about getting to know your body and what it needs. Tuning in to yourself is the best self love you can give yourself… the benefits to every other area of your life will follow xx

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      Thank you Catjam I really feel for you it had taken me a long while to take depressed tablets.the anxiety is a big problem when takeing tablets like haveing a fear but I got there in the end and I am takeing depression tablets I will deffainaly talk to My GP because I cant cope with the pulplations feels like I am going to die it is horrible thank you for careing and giveing me your advice I really appreciate it.

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      Hello Darcy

      Thank you for careing and your advice it’s kind of you. I’ve experienced anxiety sense a young age as I’ve never over come it liveing in a abusive aggressive controling relationship has made the
      Anxiety worse. I always try my best not to let things get me down or get on top of my anxiety it’s so hard thoe.

      I did not now that if I was lack in B12 it would give me pupltatons I am lack in iron I take iron tablets. I never new that things like this could also give me pulplations why is that ?.

      Thank you for sending me positive thoughts my lovely it really helps me I need to believe in my self and not let things get me down I got so much going on it’s hard to cope with x*x

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      Stay positive my darling.
      Being iron and B12 deficient are linked in some way … I’m not medical trained so maybe google it, as its quite complexed. I do know though, both can make you very fatigued and this does not help in improving your self esteem as it makes you feel lousy.
      I truly believe that getting yourself into a better situation has to be an all round holistic approach, one thing has a knock on effect to another … mind, body and soul.
      I have regular B12 injections, these are hard to get on the NHS as they don’t want to tell you you are low as they would have to pay for an injection for you! I pay for mine myself.
      Keep practicing your self love work, inside and out
      D xx

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      Hi Rosemary, I know that this has been going on for quite a while now and I can hear your desperation. Try not to let the palpitations frighten you. They do feel horrible but they won’t harm you.

      For a short term solution, you could speak to your GP who can prescribe something for you along side your antidepressants.

      However, if you want something more natural you could try binaural beats. My son introduced me to this recently. They are also a quick fix whilst you learn and practice other therapies such as mindfulness, walking in nature etc.

      You can find lots of free binaural beats on the “Insight timer” app which also has thousands of free mindful meditations which are suitable for everyone from beginners to well practiced teachers. Just find a binaural beat, plug in your headphones and press play.

      Controlled breathing can also help when you can feel your heart pounding. Breath in to the count of 3 and out to the count of 5 and keep repeating it. Focus on the counting or the feel of the breath in your nose or mouth. If your heart takes your attention away, simply refocus and keep going. xx

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      Thank you for caring Darcy I always feel tired because of (detail removed by moderator)  if I dont take tablets I would be worse good job I told the doctor and gave me a blood test to see if I was lack in anything .

      I totally agree with you Darcy feeling tired and weak all the time makes you feel weak and have no energy to even listen to abusive from my partner he goes on and on at times this gives me headache. Feeling on eggshells is horrible to it’s like waiting for a day soon when my parnter will get abusive I should not be waiting for this to happen.

      I will try and give me self some love work Darcy thank you for your continue support you give me I appreciate it so much x*x

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      Hello eggshells

      It’s right what you said that you feel my desperation feeling on the edge with pupltatons is so horrible I try and tell my self that it’s not going to beat me but half of the time I have one after a other . I now its worry and negitives thoughts that give me pupltatons sometimes I dont have to think about anything they just come .

      I will ask my doctor again if they can describe someing along my antidepressants tablts I did not now they could do that thank you for telling me .if not they will give me stronger ones. I always like to do things natural but I now I’ve been struggling for so long I had to take depression tablets.

      I will definitely try what you sent me eggshells thank you for your advice and support it really helps me . Xx

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      Hello Darcy I have Google that I am takeing iron tablets and I am lack in iron I ask for symptoms and you was right it does make me feel tired and also it can give me pupltatons. I now I get pulplations Jue to stress with my partner it’s how he makes me feel but haveing (detail removed by moderator) on top is really not helping. You could be a doctor because you do now alot of things which is helping me as well giveing me support and geting to understand why I get bad pulplations is not just one reason but a frew.

      Thank you Darcy so much I appreciate your surport x*x

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