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      It’s been a tough day, my oldest isn’t well, my youngest been a handful cooped up indoors. But even so I feel better now he’s never coming back. He’s not going to walk in and make comments about how tidy (or not😂) the house is, not pestering me for the things he wants. I feel free.

      For now, I’m hopeful for the future for me and kids but I’m sure in time I’ll have my down days too.
      Just finding this site makes me feel better about thimgs, I’m not alone. For the first time in many years I don’t have to pretend and I’m able to see stories of people who understand me.

      I would like, in time, to tell my close friends what has happened. The whole truths. One day id like them to know

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      Feeling hopeful is a huge step for lots of us. So well done you! Yes there will be some down days but they will get less and less and it’s actually healthy to grieve for the relationship and for what you though it was and would be. Tough days are easier to deal with without a nasty toxic person trying to destroy you. So when you can, stop and take time to smell the flowers and write down three things every day that you’re grateful for. It keeps you in that lovely positive frame of mind x

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        [email protected]

        Good morning
        I’m new here .
        Reading this makes me feel hopeful.
        I hope very soon I can have a place where I can relax without worrying which mood he is going to be in today and is he going to assault me info of my kids .
        I’m glad I can get support from all of you ladies and I’m here for you too!
        We are strong and we deserve happiness 😘❤️

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      I was maybe a little too optimistic…… My daughters really unwell and I think it might be covid. Me and the children are now stuck in here for 2 weeks, more of one of the others catch it. The temptation to ask to come.back has been huge! I’m missing the company, and the fact he is good with the children. Our youngest only settles for him at night, always has which makes this so hsrd.
      But then at the same time some of.the worse things my head. How did he hurt me time and time again and continue to deink, or continue to do it? Life is feeling so unfair right now😪

      Realistically I know I’m never going back, I need to remain strong but it’s hard tonight to keep that thought glong. I’ve always taken him back. 😫😫

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        [email protected]

        You have to stay strong, not only for yourself but also for your kids .
        I hope your kids will feel better very soon , just hug them and tomorrow is a new day ! Think about you taking him back will never give you the freedom , nobody said it’s going to be easy but remember it’s going to be worth it !!
        I have to remind myself that everyday !
        Stay safe and strong

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      [email protected] it’s definitely the hardest thing I’ve ever done. One him in happy, the next I can’t help but wish it could all have been diffeent. But I know he can’t get to me physically anymore. My children know it’s calmer here. I’m sure youre future is full of so much happiness! Have you contacted anyone from womensaid?

      Thank you for the boost ❤

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