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      I knew today would be hard. I did ok in the morning but as time went on it got harder.
      My poor daughter went on FB and saw pics of my ex (not her dad) with his new women and in our house. She was angry and responded in an angry manner but I think it’s cuz it hurt her. His new women gas no care at all God any of our feelings. The house is plasters in Xmas decorations which he didn’t do for us and even when he did small bits it’s was like such hard work to show him how grateful I was.
      I can’t work out if this is ‘real love’ or just for show. I have a feeling she is also a n********t as its all is about her and the way she does stuff so the whole world can see and it’s not private for just her friends. I guess for him she’s showing undivided devotion towards him which he will love but I guess if that’s what he actually wants plastered all over FB. He wanted us to have the same profile pic but I wouldn’t for personal reasons however he doesn’t have the same as her and he doesn’t plaster stuff on FB but allows her to do it.
      I still feel it’s to punish me but do they actually go as far to drag everyone involved including my step-daughter. How cruel can people be?

      Please help me to gain clarity I’m so sad


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      Hi Tamra,

      Please don’t pay any attention to FB, it’s never a real projection of reality, but simply what people want the outside world to see. The most important thing is that you are free and you are spending the holidays with your family and not under the intense shadow of abuse. Obviously it’s still there in your peripheral but you you are free to do what you want.

      Try and block him from your mind, he is not worth your thoughts. You are so much better off than the fake image he is projecting to the outside world. You are living a true honest life. There is nothing better. I hope you start to feel better soon.

      Best wishes


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      Thank you Lisa,
      I have had a big cry and a chat to a lady from the helpline who was lovely and talked me though my thoughts.
      I think thinking is the worst for me right now as I feel in my gut he’s not a good man and I only remembering the good which was one of the false parts of him as he’s actually very controlling and only ever thinks about himself.
      I have blocked him and a few others from FB anyway but I some people who haven’t and sometimes I think everyone else knows and I don’t so I feel like I’m in the dark and being cheated on all over again and I’m the last to know again.

      Thank you for taking the time to post 😊

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      Falling Skys

      Hugs xx

      I aways think social media sites can be used for good or evil. Sadly it can bring abuse into the heart of your home and they will happily use any one to get at you.

      I hope you and your daughter have got over the upset xx

      Mine is keeping our son busy so he has no time to be with me, yes it hurts but if he’s so sad to do that let him get on with it. One day he will see him for what he is.

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      Hey Falling Sky’s,
      Thank you for your post.

      I am calmer now the upset kills me and sometimes I think the pain will stop if I fight for him but I know that that would be a disastrous think for me to do and my god he would punish me big style.
      my daughter has gone back home, she’s ok but she has a lot of anger towards him due to the hurt he courses me/us.

      I don’t understand why some people use the kids to get at us, yours is obviously worried your son will know open up to the reality do he’s squashing the truth by doing stuff but one day your son will see and I hope for you he does.

      Big hugs to you too

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