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      Ss have been my daughter has disclosed my perp sexual abused her. I feel so bad for her i didn’t know. I feel so overwhelmed and the sw telling me the details has made me feel so sick. I don’t know what to do think say. I feel so lost.

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      Hey there. Don’t know what to say but I think it’s positive that she has found the strength to speak out. Now she can get the help she needs to recover and move forward. I really feel for you. It’s beyond cruel and despicable when they involve our children. You’re still in shock. Just let her know you’re there when she feels ready to talk ❀️ Perhaps the helpline on here can give you some support x

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      White Rose

      What an honest daughter you have. She’ll need your support to know it was right to speak up and tell the truth. Does he have any means of contact with her? If so make sure social services are aware.
      I can’t imagine how you are feeling but don’t start thinking it’s in any way your fault. Its his and no one else can take that blame for him.
      You’ll probably have police involved soon so just be honest with them and be there with your daughter when you can.
      You will get through this.
      NSPCC may be able to offer help and support and I’m sure social services and police will too. They’ll certainly have no sympathy for him!
      Love and hugs xx

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      We are waiting for the police (detail removed by Moderator), He hasn’t had any contact since we left thank god.

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      Your daughter is so brave!
      Get all support you can get for her.
      Encourage her to say everything (detail removed by Moderator).

      Sending you hugs! xx

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      Sounds like your daughter will get the support she needs now – this is dreadful, it’s every parent’s worst nightmare, you need bags of support too, this is exactly what a counselling relationship is for, you need help to process how you feel about it. When you feel ready can I suggest you seek out a therapist who can work with you for as long as you need. The WA helpline should be able to help you with finding a service. So very saddened to read your post x

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      I don’t know how to handle this it’s killing me a feel like my heart has been shattered

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      I can imagine. The worst nightmare….

      We are all here for you.

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      Sending you cyber hugs – its unbearable just now but hang on in there and wrap yourself up in support. Hope he rots in hell x*x

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      Hi HUn

      At moment as heart breaking as it is i think be there for your daughter and let her know she can talk to u , she needs to know she can open to u, she is prob scared u willbve cross with her, your ex prob told her loads of lies that she wont be beleived and u willbe cross, give her the reassurance she needs

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      Main Moderator

      Hi Inneedofsomepeace,

      I’m so sorry to read this. Of course you are feeling completely overwhelmed at the moment. I would advise taking a ‘day by day’ approach right now, focusing on the basics; trying to ensure you eat and sleep enough.

      You need some good support around you to help you through this. It’s ok if you don’t feel able to talk right now, but please be reassured there is support available for when you feel it might help to talk.

      There is an organisation called MOSAC who provide support for parents of children who have been sexually abused; they have a helpline which is 0800 980 1958 and lots of information about the support they offer on their website here.

      Also, if you have not done so already, you could contact your local domestic abuse service to ask if you can access some counselling.

      Keep posting when you can,

      Kind Regards,


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