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      I’m not sure I can do this, it is so exhausting, mood changes so fast.
      I feel utterly hopeless. 😭

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      Hi beautiful Angel,
      Try and stay positive, even if its just looking up at the sky and knowing that I am looking up to … you are not alone.
      Remember everything will pass, so stay focused on your end goal.
      Give yourself some love and ask yourself what do I need right now, a hot bath, a healthy meal, a walk in nature… be your own best friend.
      Sending you continued love and support
      Darcy xx

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      Hi, please try not to give up. It does get so much better.
      The sadness, loneliness, tears do seem to be endless at the beginning. But they do end. And you’l get your mind, your spirit, your joy and your life back!

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      Hope you feeling better today, one day at a time.

      Take care of you. beachhutXx

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      Hi Busyditch,

      I know things haven’t been great recently but this will pass.

      Once you’ve left, it is a rollercoaster, which, as you say, can be exhausting.

      Different things can help different people. It can sometimes help to make the conscious decision to take some time off from the struggle, even if it’s just a couple of hours. In that time, you have to be totally self oriented and do something just for you.

      What feels like a decadence to you? For me, it’s a walk in a natural environment. I take my son along as he enjoys it too and we just walk and talk, stop and listen to the birds, stand on a bridge watching the water rushing underneath it. Sometimes, it’s just a cup if tea from a posh cup, sitting in the garden. Short, simple but totally self indugent. If you can find what works for you and treat yourself to a little self indulgence every day, it can make a big difference. xx

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      Focus on my end goal? I don’t even know what my end goal is. It’s like I don’t know anything.

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      You don’t have to know your end goal in terms of how you will leave, or where you are going to end up living. You just need to know and believe that you will leave and you will be safe.
      Write down if you can, or have a mental list of the feelings you want when you leave… freedom , control, happiness, contentment, and really start to feel those feelings and visulise what it would be like, the rest will be worked out for you. That’s the end goal.
      Its like putting your order in in a restaurant, you don’t know all the ingredients they are using to make your meal or where they are buying them from… but you trust that in a short length of time they will bring you your order. It’s the same with your life… put your order in and believe it will happen.
      I complete understand your feeling of not knowing anything, I had no idea how I would leave, but as soon as I changed and focused my mind set my life changed quicker than you can imagine.
      Try today to focus on the positives however small they seem, they all start to add up and positivity attracts positivity.
      Sending you continued love and support
      D xx

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