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    I had to leave my marriage and was rehoused as the abuse was terrible, it made my illness worse.
    Years on he convinced me that he changed and I have now given up my property and returned to the family home with my three children, and since I cone no longer go back as the property has been deleted he has gone back to his old ways but this time he has slapped me I front of of my (detail removed by moderator) yroldand the youngest.
    He told me to get out the house and and I refused so as he is away for a week I now don’t know what to do, is there any chance that I could go back to refuge or do I have to ride it out until I can afford to move by myself?
    Please help I am crying writing this and feel so stupid for letting him suck me in.

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    Please ring the helpline on here and find your local women’s aid. Yes I believe you can go back into the refuge for your protection. Please don’t feel stupid. These men are good manipulators. Women on average return 7 times before they finally leave for good. You can also ring the police. Especially if your children will give a statement as a witness to the assault. It’s actually classed as child abuse what he did to,you in front of your children. Perhaps you could have him arrested and removed from the property until you find somewhere else. Only if you feel it’s safe to do so. Please don’t give up. You found the strength to leave once before and you can do it again. This time he won’t suck you back in x

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    Thank you kip, really though I was stuck here, I will try and contact the helpline.Thank you once again.x

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    I know the helpline can be really busy. It might be quicker to find your local women’s aid and go there directly. It’s good you have the strength to get away again. Keep posting for support. I know how scary it is for you. You have tasted freedom and know you can do it. Thinking of you. Hang in there and stay safe x

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    I have spoken to my local WA and they discussed me going to a refuge, I am so confused, I feel like my head is scrambled egg and my kids are ok with the option of going to refuge, but you eldest wants to stay in the house because of her job and she want to look after the dog.
    I am worried I case he starts on her and I am not there to protect her.

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    Have you explained to her your concerns? I know there are some charities that will look after pets on a temporary basis too. Have you thought about the police? Having him arrested and removed from the home? I think you need to be open and honest with the children and tell them that by staying you are in danger. My son said to me that he could handle his dad. His dad just used and manipulated him and he just couldn’t see it. Do your best to get them all to come with you but if she’s an adult then perhaps she will have to learn for herself and if he starts to abuse her too then she can follow. Or you can get rehoused and she can move in with you when you have a new home. Don’t let this put you off getting out and safe x

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