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    I just wanted to share my story of hope to other survivors. The abuse I suffered ranged from physical at first to emotional then coersive it went on for over (detail removed by moderator) and I had been moved from my family and felt totally isolated. When I finally had the courage to leave I thought it would all be over little did I know he could use the family courts to get at me. Once proceedings began regarding contact it became apparent it was never about him spending time being a father to our children it was just another avenue to gain control over our lives. For over (detail removed by moderator) now myself and my children have been dragged through courts and cafcass and social services who all agreed the children would be damaged if the courts allowed contact but the judges never took on-board all the reports or evidence and continued to grant contact. Then my child was assaulted and refussed to go back and again another court case. I had been studying for a degree and decided I wanted to represent myself as my abuser was also representing himself and was able to cross examine me and degrade me whilst in a court room. Finally the judges have come to there senses and my children have been heard they do not want to be dragged through court rooms or social services all because the person who is their father wants to hurt there mummy. The judges decided that my children’s father was no longer allowed to make another application to the courts for at least (detail removed by moderator) giving my children and myself time to start the healing process.

    There is hope and faith if we continue to believe we have the strength within ourselves.

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    Thank you for a story of such strength and resilience. It will be such a lift for those mum’s trying so hard to protect their children and themselves.

    Your knowledge will also be invaluable to them.

    I have so much admiration for you 💕

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    Some peace for you all at last, I hope you can enjoy it and relax a little. Well done for all you have fought for. however please keep a journal of the next two years, of all the positive things you’re all doing, of any counselling that you all have anD keep building evidence for Future zero contact. Gather your strength and empower your children. Gather a support network going forward. Your GP, women’s aid, teachers etc. Thank you for sharing this positive news. More power to you 👍

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      Thank you it is but there is a lot of healing to be done now.

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    Thank you for sharing. Good luck to you and your children as you begin to recover and all Power to you in building a strong network of support- which will hopefully include us here in forum.

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    I just Love this!!! Bumping it up so other women will read it. Yes, yes, the healing comes now. It’s a good thing and can be a very beautiful thing as well. You deserve some beauty in your life!

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    Omg I love this. This is so amazing and I’m so happy for you. I’m really sorry that it had to come to your son having been assaulted to then be understood that the father has major issues. And power to you for fighting your own case. Well done. I’m so proud of you. I am in a similar boat. And the judge has told him he can meet the baby. Unfortunately the law isn’t always in our favour to begin with. And I hope someday I can get that power too to be able to protect the baby fully. Another thing your story teaches me to never give up and I will make sure I keep my hopes up and do what I need to do to protect the baby when I can from him.

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