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      So I am going to start divorce proceedings but first I need his address. I can’t ask his family and our mutual friends don’t want to get involved. So i hired a PI firm. I explained to them that he has wiped all trace of himself off the normal places like electrol role, FB etc… but they said they could still find him. They have come back with the normal type of information and charged me £££ for totally useless info. Then accused me of asking them to break data protection laws! I don’t know how these things work – that’s their job!! I am so upset, I feel ripped off and still no closer to getting his address. Feel so very alone 🙁

      Really my question is have any of you had this experience and how did you find your ex to serve divorce papers? What on earth do I do if I can’t get an address?

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      Hi there, I would go and speak to a solicitor. Most offer initial free advice. So go and speak to a few of them to get different opinions. This must be a common problem for them. Is he working? Can he be traced via his work? I’m sure the solicitor would know what to do.

      I read about someone who served divorce papers through email so don’t worry, I’m sure there are ways to find out X you might not even need his permission if you’ve been separated long enough.

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      Hi HUn

      MY ex went in to total hiding, so i got a private detective via soliciotrs who track him down and served him the papers , i only said that he was down for weekends from work, little did i know he was there a lot longer. Sorry to hear the horribel experience u had, sounds like this company took advantage of u, dont lose hope ask your solciitor if they can refer some one to u

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      A solicitor or a court bailiff can find him for you without breaching data protection. My abusive husband found me through his solicitor but I was too unwell to deal with it.

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      Thank you all 🙂 I do have a solictor but not formally until early next year. They did recommend a PI Firm but I got no response when I contacted them so I found my own as I was so keen to get the address. Should have waited! Will go back to the solicitors and use their PI firm. Just worried that there is a limit to their searches. He is so good at hiding – (detail removed by moderator) but how else do you find someone if they hide every other way?
      Anyway thanks for the suppot xx

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      Ditto: my ex went as far as to ‘live in his van’ and ‘sofa surf’ to avoid having an address at which to be served his divorce papers. He blocked his email address.

      I remember my solicitor was worried about how we’d track him down. He was even suggesting my family riding around town to see where my ex might be working.

      In the end, it solved itself in the most laughable way. My ex heard that I had bought a new kitten. He had always shown extreme jealousy at me showing animals any affection, and he was so riled, the silly man sent me a nasty email in the early hours related to my buying a cat! I quickly pinged off the divorce petition, which I had in my email box ( my solicitor had sent it to me electronically). So, I in fact sent it off to him!

      Do you know where he might be hanging out or working? Are there any more complex leads to him on social media? Look at his friends’ pages- there might be hidden clues.

      I am not sure about what might be put in place re court reps/ bailiffs otherwise. Maybe call Rights of Women or the NCDV? X

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