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      Well, basically, all the time that I have been desperately been holding myself together and rebuilding a life for me and lo, my husband has been rounding up all of our friends and getting them to write mean things about me and lovely things about him (detail removed by Moderator). It really stabbed me in the heart that this would happen, even though I had read that it could.
      The worst thing for me is that he didn’t do anything to me that meant I could say to people ‘look, see this bruise…’ or whatever. It was all sexual abuse and mind games. And the police discouraged me from pressing charges, so I have no legal evidence.

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      Falling Skys

      Hi Freedoms

      Sorry your having a bad day. Its sicking that they can manipulating always the victim, while we the true victim struggle to get through it. These so called friends are just not worth it, it hurt the first time I was snubbed but thats there problem not mine.

      I haven’t really any physical proof of what he did, as I stop going to the doctors when I was ask if my husband did it, I had used I fell out of the shower or I fell off the bed. (ok I’m not the best at telling lies, but every one heard walking into a door 🙂 ).

      All I can say he won’t be able to live his lies for ever.

      Stall stong

      FS xx

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      Hi there
      Don’t stress about them you know your truth if you have to go to court and you tell your truth write down everything he has done to you
      And your truth is real his is not they sound and smell different
      Big hugs xx

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      Thanks for replying. I’m finding it really hard to settle my mind and get to sleep.
      The difficult thing for me is that I am having to read through everything that has been written to defend myself against it.

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