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      Yesterday we had a lovely day out, but the moment we got home and i walked through the door, i started having flashbacks i could see him right in my face shouting. Wanting to know where we had been who we’d seen and what had been said i then panicked because i couldnt remember the conversations i’d had word for word, this then resulted in me cowering in a corner seeing him coming towards me fist clenched. Thankfully by the time i’d got to this stage the kids had gone to bed. I feel so stupid, It’s left me on edge today worrying i’ll have another. I just want it to stop. I don’t want to live like this

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      Hey HUn

      Have u left him or r us till with him , if its flashbacks try and speak to counsellor if u still with him call womens aid for guidance how to get out

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      No we have left we have been gone for several months. I don’t have a councillor i am still in tge waiting list. It was ‘only’ a flashback but so realistic

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      You can call the Women’s Aid helpline or the local crisis line or samaritans for emotional support over the phone. Sometimes saying the words out loud helps more than just typing it and saying it in your head.

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      I have that too. Sometimes in the flashbacks he finishes me off. I am in complete dispair and shock when I have such a flashback. I was given tools to counteract those flashbacks and I was promised over time it would become easier to deal with them. For me this has not happened yet and I cannot apply the tools. The flashbacks are as intense and scary as from the day when the police removed him.

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      Hi all. Holding an ice cube in your hand can help with flash backs as does splashing cold water on your face. The shock of the cold water brings you back to reality very quickly.

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      Ellen b

      Hi I’m too struggling with flash backs I used to have smaller more frequent memories is probably the best way to describe them but now iv shifted to fewer but very powerful flash backs where I am completely immersed in the memory I have no idea where I am or who I’m with all I know is the replay of the event I had a particularly bad one triggered by my current partner just saying a few words I ended up cowering in the bedroom crying he came in to see if I was OK and all I saw was my ex he had to back out and come back in 2,3 times before I calmed down enough for him to touch me half an hour before I was calm …on a positive note I managed to talk about what had happened what I had seen and once I started talking I kept going telling him things about the attack he knew the basics but iv not felt able to fill in the blanks before ….my greatest fear is having one of these attacks at work so I really need to get this under control so any idea tips would be great… Iv got my 1st appointment with my support working soon so that’s another positive

      Take care ladies xx

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