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    I found this last night and just wanted to say thank you. You had all written stuff that I was tthinking and thought I was crazy for.

    Last night was a really bad night. The other week I broke down at work. Told my boss what had been happening to me and then it snowballed. My family knew, my friends his friends. The world alien lifeforms, animals all now know my business. O thought it would stop him and we coulhappy and be healthy and amazing. He agreed. Stayed around we made plans. But that was just because it was (detail removed by moderator) weeks before payday. As soon as I’m nasty. Vindictive telling lies. I feel so stupid! Anyway!!! Sorry, bit emotional there. 😁

    You guys helped last night so thank you. I have a question. Dies anybody else have flash backs of all the things that have happened? Like, suddenly remember the lumps and bruises? Like I knew they were there but. Now I can see they were there. Is that normal?

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    Hi there and welcome to the clan. This place is amazing isn’t it. Once the venues out the bottle so to speak, thjis can seem to move at lightening speed. Other times it is like trying to walk through mud.
    Yes to your question about flashbacks. Once we admit to ourselves who we actually live with, memories pop up at the weirdest times. Mines when I’m driving and of course dreaming. Woke myself up begging him to just stop. Keep posting and keep learning, it helps to make sense of the madness. It took me a while reading on here before i even managed to post, another few weeks before i admitted to my doctor, them an appointment with WA, then their solicitor. It’s not easy, all sorts of emotions come up. Esp when you’ve decided enough is enough. They seem to realise you’ve had enough and start being nicer, doing things for you around the house that you’ve waited possibly years on getting done.
    Take care
    IWMB 💕💕

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    Hi Fergie

    Just wanted to say welcome to the forum, you have been so brave to open up to the people in your life about what is happening as i know this can be hard, i hope they are a good support to you.

    I also hope you find this forum a safe and supportive place to share how you are feeling. If you wanted to find out about local domestic support in your area click here.

    Take care and keep posting


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    I’ve only just read this massage. It makes me feel a little sane knowing that things pop into other people heads as well. Today post is exactly the same. Still having flash backs just feel so angry about it all

    Thank you for being here xx

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