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      I have a huge issue with these steroid loaded men in the gym. They think that they are incredibly good looking and dominate the gym. Most of them lack brain matter, their conversations are primitive and they think they are smart. They occupy the machines for ages, not giving me a chance to use them.
      To top this the trainer who gave me the induction for the gym showed me exercises on the floor to strengthen my muscles and denied that there were specific machines for my requested muscle groups. He insisted that I did everything possible to reduce my body fat via the exercises he showed me in order to become slim.
      I hated this patriarchal attitude that a woman has to be slim. I said nothing and explored the machines. And alas, everything is there to build up muscles and do some real intense body building.
      I have recently started to use all these machines and do proper weight training, because I want to build up my muscles.
      The looks that I receive by the steroid injected men are priceless.
      I use more weights than the trainer recommends for me because his recommendations were too light by far.
      I also found a great passive aggressive method of driving the men away from the machines that I want to use. I had so much fun the last time. Unfortunately I had to keep a straight face and look serious.
      Does anyone else here have similar issues or am I alone with this?

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      Ayanna, I go to the gym, but don’t run into such men thank goodness- at least, not so far: or I haven’t noticed them or interacted with them.

      But I wanted to send you a reply, because I think you are fantastic and your posts always make me smile, and you are always spot on in your depiction of arrogant abusive types!

      You light up this forum with your acute and accurate observations! You’re great! X*x😀

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      Thank you Serenity 🙂 🙂 🙂

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      Falling Skys

      Hi Ayanna

      Though there are a couple of grunters as is call them in my gym, its nothing like that.

      On my induction I was as what I wanted to get out of it, ie improve fitness, stamina, tone, loss weight.

      Is there another gym that you could attend that isn’t so full of male egos, surprised they aren’t peeing in the corner to show there dominance 😁

      FS xx

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      Falling Skys

      Sorry I not is

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      sometimes when I read posts on here I sit and cry at what someone has gone through but just now reading Falling Skys reply about men peeing in the corner to show their dominance had me crying with laughter xx

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      Falling Skys

      So pleased I could make you laugh.

      FS xx

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      Yes, Falling Skys, you made my evening!

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      Hey HUn

      I just ignore them and focus on my goals, couldnt care less if they are good looking and msucley, if they think they better than me , good luck them to them, i know my value and its more then there attentions worth

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      I find personal trainers think all women want the same thing, slimness, and can’t deviate from that in their instrucitons. Luckily I have a female friend who knows about this stuff and she advised me to do weights and they have made a real differance to my body. Yes I am slim but strong and muscular.

      There is a differance between the steroid users and the real gym men. The steroid users are there for show and believe that everyone using the gym should be doing it the way they are, drugs included. They are so stupid. Those drugs often mean that their male ‘equipment’ doesn’t work any longer (or very well!) and they sacrifice this basic bodily function to look good. Think about that if they are intimidating or they are annoying you….they can’t often can’t function in the bedroom!

      The real gym men love to see women using weights and machines, they respect the fact that the woman (or anyone) is in they gym getting fit and taking care of their body and health.

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      I was in the gym again. Today many women were there and this changed the entire situation 🙂 🙂 🙂

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