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      Wishing all you wonderful women and ‘friends’ and Moderators and all the heroes at women’s aid IDVAs and Social workers Happy Easter weekend.
      You all deserve safety freedom and peace. Every single woman on here is on a journey – it takes such courage to survive abuse leave abusers and navigate the journey after. whichever stage you are at if it’s a bad day or a good day I wish you all well – with support freedom is possible 🦋🌷🌱

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      What lovely words Watersprite; thank you. Happy Easter to you too. xx

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      Hi beautiful Angel … Watersprite,
      What a lovely message you have posted … I second that
      Easter / Spring is a time for new beginnings and a chance for us all to plant the seeds we want to see grow… some seeds like the lettuce I planted last week will be showing through already, other plants will have been dormant all winter and need a little more effort and time for them to push through the hard soil. Some petals open slowly and some just burst into bloom… we to are part of nature and will grow and bloom in our own time, but this cannot happen unless we plant those seeds of hope and nurture and tend to them.
      Ladies plant your seeds of hope & change today, if you can, write it down or say it out loud or if you are still living with an abusive partner just whisper it in the wind or look up at the moon and set your intentions.
      Know and beleive that you are part of a bigger plan and by moving through the situation you are in now, it will only make you a stronger and better woman in the long term.
      Every change starts with planting that tiny seed, have hope and belief that it will grow. Start to visualise there is a better life waiting for you
      When I was in my abusive relationship I planted my seeds, and soon after my life changed quicker than I could ever have imagined for the positive. Yes there was some large rocks in the soil along the way but by using an inner strength I never knew I had before I pushed through these and blossomed once again.
      When you feel alone, imagine all the woman on this forum standing along side you and every other positive and supportive person you have had in your life, or who you admire in the public eye, make this your army and have them walk with you whenever you feel afraid, it will give you power that you are not alone or as weak as you think you are.
      Ask … Believe … Receive
      Happy Easter Angels xx

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      Beautiful words and thank you happy easter to you all I hope you have a lovely day ❤. Thank you for
      Moderator and all the ladys for being here for me
      I really appreciate it so much its lovey to have you all as my friends you have gave me so much love and surport thank you form the bottom of my heart x*x

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      Main Moderator

      Thank you for your kind words, Watersprite. Happy Easter to you all too!

      Best wishes,


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