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    I know I was abused as a child. I remember some bits but not others and I’m confused.
    I also remembered some sexual abuse, the thing is it came to my memory in bits overtime. It took me maybe about 3 years to remember the little information that I remember now. Did this happen to anyone else?

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    We forget things to protect ourselves. I think we carry the memories in our bodies. Have you seen the NAPAC website?

    It is so important to understand that the traumas we have experienced were absolutely not our fault. I wasn’t sexually abused but I was bullied relentlessly and beaten up. Terrible things happened to my family long before this so even before I could speak I understood that I was unwanted, unwantable and worthless. I know now that my understanding was wrong. The first half of my life is a kind of fog.

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      I’ll have a look thank you. My abuse was mainly psychological with elements of physical and sexual abuse.
      I have just read an old diary I had as a child and there was so much anger in there and I felt ever so unloved as a child, based on what I wrote. The woman I am now, I see it from a different perspective and I feel sad for the child I was when I wrote all these stuff. I’m sorry about what happened to you, are you dealing with the effects of the trauma okay now?

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    So sorry you having flashbacks
    I was abused as a child I can remember most of it. But most of my childhood after that is a blur to me. It has a serious effect on my life!
    Here if you need to talk X

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      How are you dealing with the effects its had on you? I remember a lot of the things but the sexual elements are rather disjointed and I think they triggered by certain things. I also struggle to remember happy moments too.

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    I was doing great until I met my ex
    He brought all my childhood abuse back in emotional abuse.. He also used paedophile tactics on me
    Made me very very sick.. Its been quit a while since I left him the mental scars remain now. I am in a better place now but still got a long way to go. Iam lucky in a way because my first abuser did time!! I never got help nor support till I left my ex.. Best desicion ever.. I will never trust another man again

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    no not forgot mine I was abused by my father ,bullied at school ,abused by my ex and bullied at work
    every man in my life has treated me like Sh** ,so I;m staying clear of relationships only way to stop
    the cycle

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    In trauma therapy I learned that many many people who experience a trauma later in life are open to trauma from their past. Trauma they’ve buried. It’s the new trauma that triggers memories of the old trauma. Seek out some good therapy to unblock that. It’s painful but very strangely satisfying to get some understanding.

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    I forgot it for a while, but when I became sexually aware, it triggered off memories. I was more being groomed and thankfully he was removed from our lives so it never went any further. I remember bits and pieces of my childhood but not much. I’m at peace with myself but I think it’s because he eventually acknowledged what he did was wrong, how sad he is that he did things to me he shouldn’t have and that he’s lost out on so much because of it. He had a lot of demons of his own to deal with too, but by him acknowledging and apologising for his behaviour, it’s like it released something in me.
    We as women go through so much at the hands of men but we are so much stronger than they will ever realise.

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