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      What abusers hate the most is being found out? One of my exes hated it when I approached his ex…. I simply did this because I saw red flags topped with him.saying his ex were unstable and how I were so I contacted her and she confirmed everything I were thinking… he were livid and he turned his parents against me x

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      Hi Icandothis

      I just wanted to show you some support. It sounds like your ex has a history of being abusive to women, your gut feeling was right. He didn’t like being found out and then tried to twist things, but you did nothing wrong.

      Keep posting, we are all here for you.


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      I have been talking to my ex’s ex and she has confirmed everything – we might as well have written the same emails.


      Stay safe x

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      Hi when he knew I’d found him out he were foaming. Calling me a stalker for contacting his ex wife… he still denied it saying she were jealous and needed sectioning… he really had it in for me then… but he had made out I were mad to the point I’d had enough and did my own research I wondered why he didnt want me near her they are liars x

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      While he were saying his ex wife needed sectioning he failed to tell me how friendly he were trying to get with her ..sitting down having cups of tea when returning his son… and eating (detail removed by moderator) 😃 not to mention asking her for lifts and her doing his shopping (detail removed by moderator)… he used to make out I were crazy (detail removed by moderator)….. so that’s when I investigated further found out the truth if that makes me a stalker for protecting myself so be it xx

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      My ex’s first wife told me he was a bully and had terrible anger problems, someone else said the same. To any women out there worried that their ex will change and be a better version for their next partner think again. These men DON’T change. It’s not you it’s them xx

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