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    I’m concerned for her wellbeing.
    Police won’t do anything because she is with her Dad. He has her phone and won’t let me speak to her. He says I’m harassing by trying to contact her.
    It doesn’t seem as if I have any options to get her back home.

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    Hi there this is distressing I feel for you. We have had a few other women on the forum who have had the same senario. The most recent was a lady who waited until her child went to day care and she collected her son early there was nothing he could do. The other way of course is to get a lawyer to write to him threaten court ? The police won’t intervene unless there’s a disruption. I wouldn’t recommend this but I have a good friend this happened to her her boys were actually abducted by their dad for few months she went to the door with witness and took them back home. Are there any places he might go that u know there are set times he will be there xx obviously school is closed ? Xx

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    What are your safety concerns for her ? Just wondering if social work could intervene xx

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    Social work won’t intervene because she is with her Dad.
    She only wanted to be with her Dad for a few hours… how come is now (detail removed by Moderator) hours later?? Why the change of heart? Thanks why I’m concerned! Why couldn’t I talk to her?

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    Can you go round with a family member or friend ? X do the police know he is abusive ? Xx

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    I don’t know what your child arrangements are but seems to me you are saying there is a breech going on here as far as the agreement you did have. That’s not okay. So if you didn’t have a solid legal agreement and not just a verbal one, then you need to get that. This needs to be reported like asap, what happened. I hope you have written things down because whatever goes on in a domestic abuse or violence situation is also seen as child abuse if there is a child in the home who is witnessing this which means – they are affected by it.

    He’s being a boundary buster here and getting to you through your child. Again, not okay. I’d be ever so quick to snap that back into his reality that you’re not going to stand for this. If need be, you can file it right down to you can only see your child at a certain place with supervised visitation. And yes, you can do that.

    But, you have to have documentation that is abusive. Like I said, doesn’t have to mean you have to have proof he is abusive to her but that she is in the house when he is abusive to you. So all that documentation can towards you protecting her. This action that he just took her is so very over the mark of being okay. He’s taunting you like see, see what I can do, I can make you worry, I can step all over your boundaries, etc. Snap that rubberband and do it legally. You have options, you’re her mother. You have every right to know what’s going on with your child.

    Here’s a good website for you –

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    I meant and “just a verbal one…” (sentence 3)

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    Thank you.
    I have been advised against any further legal action.
    I have no proof of abuse. Its my work against his.

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    Hey love! Your feelings are valid enough that you going through hell. My son’s dad took him for a week told me he been near covid and carnt bring him home. won’t even let me speak to him. I don’t have any great advice! Just know to keep your sanity

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