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    i want to escape from this living hell.
    of nastiness and control
    i need to get some willpower,
    to climb out of this hole,
    i have two feet
    with which to walk
    i have a mouth
    with which to talk
    but still can’t make the move.
    somehow i have to go
    beforei leave it far too late
    i’m moving far too slow.
    love from gran xx

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    Oh Gran! That sums up the feeling of hopelessness I felt before I finally reached out and left.

    Beautifully put 💕

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     Wants To Help 

    Hi Gran,

    How are you? I have just read some of your past posts and other poems. How have things changed for you lately?

    Poetry used to help me too, I wrote this when I was trapped and had lost the woman I once was.

    I look in to the mirror
    I don’t like what I see
    I don’t like the reflection
    That is looking back at me
    It’s not the girl I used to know
    The spark’s gone from her eyes
    It has to be a stranger
    A stranger in disguise

    When we first met you were so perfect
    And it all just felt so right
    It seemed like fate we were to meet
    And I fell for you that night

    But one year down the line
    You’re not the person that I knew
    Yet despite the way you treat me
    I’m still so in love with you

    But then…

    I look in the mirror
    And I don’t like what I see
    I don’t like the reflection
    That is looking back at me
    That’s not me, it can’t be I
    It’s someone I don’t recognise
    It has to be a stranger
    A stranger in disguise

    This has to end, it can’t go on
    Don’t like the person that I’ve become
    I’m oh so meek and now so shy
    I can’t look people in the eye

    It’s down to you, it’s what you do
    When you beat me black and blue
    How can you do this? Where’s the end?
    You are my lover and my friend

    Can I live like this?
    I know it’s not right
    Do I put up with this?
    I think I might

    But then…

    I look in the mirror
    And I don’t like what I see
    How can I despise so much
    That girl that looks like me
    How will this end, I just don’t know
    It will only end when I’ve the strength to go
    Until then I live my life
    As a stranger in disguise

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    Hi Gran

    I just read your poem.
    You do have willpower Gran, you are on here and reaching out.
    You are talking and we hear you.
    Your mind is walking (the first step) and your feet will catch up.
    Thoughts and best wishes to you, please keep sharing.

    Soulsearcher 18

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    thank you all for your supportive comments,escapee, i am gladyou have managed to escape,thank you for yourcomments.wanttohelp your poem is amazing i could never write a poem as long as that, i always run out of words after a few lines, most of my poems i write for my late daughter,who i miss more than anything else.but the angry ones are all for my husband, which come into my head after a particularly bad night,writing themdown helps you to offload doesnt it. soulsearcher18, i love those words,”your mind is walking and your feet will catch up” certain phrases like that i try to keep in my head, as inspiration, thank you, lots of love gran xx

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    Hello Gran
    I was drawn to the title of your post and would like to send love and compassionate thoughts. I would send some wisdom and advice but Id struggle to. This is partly because I’m still learning from these kind and brave forum members and partly because my sibling bully has rendered me unworthy of any sense of value or personal self-worth but this is your time and space so I’ll hold back on my whingeful words. Love and strength to you.

    To all – I’m in awe of your poetry. Sending love.

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