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      Twisted Sister

      good to see you all on here, along with welcomes to other ladies new and moved across from the old forum.

      It all passed me by the new forum/website and then a bit of a struggle to get going on it, but it all seems to be working just now and so lovely to see some familiar lovelies here 🙂

      Many have been left behind too it seems by the very slow footfall here at the moment, but i imagine it will soon pick up again and that women will find their way here for the valued help and support it provides.

      Warmest wishes to all x KS

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      Hello! This new site and forum thing has really thrown me…I’m a bit rubbish with stuff like this but hopefully will pick it up and get used to it soon. Am also really glad to see familiar names up here 🙂
      Hopefully the rest of our lovely ladies will find their way back to us on here 🙂
      Sending love! LBP. x

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      Hi ladies!

      I’m here too and quite frankly hating the new site. Maybe it’s because I’m on my phone but more likely because the old site was like an old friend. I’ve definitely had withdrawals!

      Anyway just checking in to say hi and hopefully I’ll get the hang of it all soon.

      Much love to you all


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      Twisted Sister

      Hello Elizadoo too!

      its awesome to see you on here when you hate it! 😀 and awesome that you are brave enough to speak out so clearly.

      I agree that the old site was so familiar and easy, but women always did say they wanted more from the old one and this does give us so much more. its so easy to PM now annonymously.

      but well done for making it over here, its great to ‘see’ you 😉

      KS XX

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      Lol KS…
      I’m just not good with change that’s all, I’ll get used to it.
      3 years of posting for me now, just over tbh, so it’s definitely become my comfort blanket!
      The PM idea is fantastic though, I’ll look forward to a new laptop where I can actually find my way round the site properly.
      Ill be in touch


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      mixed-up mum

      Hi there I’m back now too and not likeing this new forum at all ,- seems more complicated – with the old one you could see at a glance who was ‘on’ and who had messaged – and you could clearly see the topics and you could go way back if you’d missed a few days…..but I’m just not good with change either – like to stay where things are familiar….. Hope I will get used with it eventually as I have not been able to get on her to talk for over two weeks … the und I had to re-register …….glad to be ‘ back in action’ missed you all SO MUCH!!!! 🙂

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      Twisted Sister

      hi M.U.Mum 🙂

      good to see you back. I do think they’ve addressed the problems with the old forum in this new one, and PM’s being one of the great advantages of here, but yes it takes a little adjusting to, but i think its nice and clear, was just a pain to get going with, you know, the signing up to,etc. and sounds like everyone has experienced sign up difficulties initially.

      yes the old one was very simple, which was great but some found limiting.

      anyway, welcome back and glad you made it 🙂

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      mixed-up mum

      Hi Karmasister – oh Im just finding this all so hard – I relied so much on the old forum – was on it daily and several times a day even – Im struggling so much to get the hang of this – on the old forum you could see every topic from days back, but all I can see here are about 6 topics and there surely must be way more than that posted every day – so how now do you see posts from say last weekend – how long do posts stay in view?

      With the old forum there were so many topics every day and you could decide what you wanted to read about and decide if you were able to offer advice or support – its not nearly so easy to see at a glance what topics are being discussed and who is taking part – you could see so clearly the ladies you had got to know well, and often talked to and they supported you and you them – we seemed all so close then – so easy to message one another.

      Maybe Im just stupid and ‘slow’ but I just don’t find this so ‘user friendly’…………….

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      mixed-up mum

      Ahh yeah well – NOW I SEE – I’ve just found the bit that says “topics” – clicked on that and NOW I can see the topics – all much clearer now – silly me!!!!! Told you I was slow on the up-take!!!! 😉

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      Twisted Sister

      no i agree – we don’t know our way round it at all or have any idea how it hangs together and the old forum was simply a long list, but it was so limiting and women were always saying they wanted this or that.

      Glad you found the ‘topics’ option! You did it quicker than i did; the options don’t have such strong visibility to easily identify them.

      there’s a lot more to this site, so i think its going to take a bit longer to work out! 😉

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