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    IDVA has recommended a refuge. I have my own council home so I’m not running. I have a non mole in place but he’s breachin it constantly but not enough to air back to court. He’s manipulating everyone around me including a neighbour. He’s getting her to check up on me. She’s another perpetrator too. I can’t stay here anymore but I’m petrified at the thought of a refuge. What about all my stuff? Will my kids get affected? What if my neighbour asks where I’m moving? I’ve never felt so scared and paranoid in my life. Doctor has increased my meds but I can’t carry on living here. She’s uses and abuses me just like he did. Why can’t people just let me live my life? I’ve tried homeswappers but no one wants to swap. I feel trapped in my own home

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    As a victim of da you may have rights for the council to rehome you. Please ask about that.

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     Twisted Sister 

    Dear Whenwillifindhappiness

    That sounds horrendous for you

    Any breach should be resulting in an arrest as far as I am aware. Have a look at your non-mol doc to check the power of arrest and it should be lodged with police too so they can act to stop him as soon as it is breached
    I would call them with a list of his breaches and see what they say, try to list each breach with date and time or write to court, or write to both.

    I am not sure about leaving council property and your belongings, I think you would have to out them in storage unit I imagine.

    Try calling refuge to ask perhaps?

    Keep posting and let us know how we can help it really helps yu not feel alone in this because you’re not. We’re all here for you.

    Warmest wishes ts

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    I have never felt so down in all my life. I have logged everything to my solicitor but there is no breach. The non mole I have has no power for arrest. My IDVA is going to make an appointment with the police to see if any crime has been committed? He’s emotionally blackmailing my neighbour with her personal issues. Like I said though she’s a perpetrator too. Puts me down constantly, walks in my house, always askin for lifts, if I say no she’s horrible to me and now my ex has fed her b******t she now hates my current partner and says he’s no good for my children etc local council don’t want to help at all because the threats aren’t serious enough. My IDVA can see me spirally mentally and she’s trying her best. I can’t stay here no longer. If I fall out with my neighbour she will make my life hell and god knows what she and my ex will conjure up??? Feel so so down

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