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      Looking for tips and advice.
      My life at the moment has become one where all the things I used to do to help deal with the way I feel right now has gone.
      The only way I can describe how I feel is: it is like massive amount of nervous energy that is building inside, like a pressure cooker full of anxiety.
      At work I sit with my feet almost constantly twitching under my desk so that I can stay still and work.
      I did run and get out, go to a weekly yoga class, but I can’t do any of those through no fault of anyone.
      I feel totally caged and the energy is building up to where I am trying to control it but it is leaking out in hyper mode.
      Simple things I could deal with I can’t.
      it is starting to effect my life.
      Has anyone got any suggestions to help me burn off this energy in a positive way?
      I am exhausted from it but it is keeping me exhausted in all the wrong ways.
      Thanks in advance

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      Hi Sun Tree,

      I can identify completely. You describe it very well.

      It’s easy to get ‘stuck’ and immobilised sometimes in your anxiety- and there’s no easy way to shift it and start the wheels turning again.

      Running or other physical things are very important, but I suppose it’s also very important to off load and to exchange idea and thoughts with others who understand. Some people can offer a fresh perspective that can kind of get you going again.

      Are you a member of any support group, or do you have anyone like this?

      Also, I found following the precepts of Distress Tolerance ( Look up on internet ) helps greatly. It has advice on how to move forward when you feel stuck.


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      I suffer from the same. To me it feels like a huge bubble of anger, it makes me feel as if I explode sometimes. I even talk angry to almost everyone. I snap at people. Whoever crosses my path the wrong way gets yelled at. I cannot focus, I cannot take in anything sometimes.
      I do guided meditation to calm down. I try to go to the gym, I do not do this very regular because I lack the discipline and I also feel too paralyzed to leave the house at times.
      I wrote something on a paper that sticks above my desk: transform my anger into power. So far I have not been able to do this. I am just full of anger. But I keep reading this and thinking how to do this.

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      I found the below on the web.

      Excess energy, energized, nervous energy anxiety symptoms description:

      The anxiety symptom excess energy is characterized as:

      You feel so excited that you could do everything incredibly fast and then look for other things to do.
      You may also feel like you have to run or do something right now just to burn off the energy.
      Sometimes you can’t sleep because your mind or body is going a million miles an hour.
      You feel as if you have energy to burn, a lot of excess energy, and then some.
      You feel always ‘pumped’ and ‘adrenalized.’
      You also may feel as if you can’t sit still or relax.
      Another indication of excess energy is that you feel like taking on new tasks or projects even though you already have a full schedule. The desire to do something new is over-powering. Some examples include remodeling or rearranging your house, painting your home, taking on new studies, start new groups, get another pet, buy more things, etc. This is all because you have so much energy and interests.
      Many people find that as their stress increases, so does the excess energy and the desire to do more.

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      I have this anger , even rage a lot, I ma very short with many people and for many years I have struggled with my emotions especially when he has been very abusive, the feelings go into overflow and its hard to deal with anything in a calm way, I have pressure in my head and sometimes my whole body aches with tension.
      Since coming out of denial over the abuse a few months ago it has got severley worse, I sometimes write and write my anger out , even draw pictures, I almost go through the paper sometimes the feelings are so strong, I also type out feeling s on the computer and then delete them, I also punch and punch a cushion, speaking or shouting out my anger or crying.
      I agree physical excercise uses up the energy as well, go for a walk ans stomp it out.

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      I used to think the build up to this was my brain clearing from the fog and starting to work normally. I now realise it is the swing from the freeze part of my anxiety to the RUN.
      It has really helped me over the years and now I no longer need it I find that the triggers are still there.
      I guess writing here and finding the above from the web helps me make sense and therefor helps me go okay that is what you are I can work with that and you are not normal, you are a learnt response to an abusive situation in order to survive.
      So as I now know what this is and how I have got here and I can start dealing with it in a better way.
      I have used this energy this morning to do some things that trigger my anxiety. I had been avoiding because of my anxiety, but seeing as I am there just in a different form I might as well run with it.
      I think I am going to find the game console out one that requires physical movement and hit a few things.
      Then I have a some old furniture that needs a face lift and a lot of sanding down. I think that will help with physical and meditation.
      Thanks Ladies you have really helped I hope you can also find a way out of the bubble of stickiness x

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