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    Is there help for private rents. I will have nonguno guarantor. Currently have an IVA so my credit search will be awful. I will have to go onto benefits until I am settled. I’ve tried applying to various councils. My only option is private let. Can anyone point me in the right direction. It feels I’m stuck as soon as ut gets to finding a property with bad credit and no guarantor I’m completely stuck.

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    Hi Floralmoon

    I just wanted to show you some support. You could speak to Shelter to get some advice around renting with a bad credit history and no guarantor, their phone number is 0808 800 4444.

    Sorry to hear that various councils were not able to help, it may be worth getting in touch with your local domestic violence service to see if they can liaise with the council on your behalf. You can find your local service here:

    You could also consider going into a refuge which is safe accommodation for women and children.

    Take care and please keep posting


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    Thanks Lisa. I called. My local one which is so risky as my partners family have connections for miles around even working in this service. They didn’t offer much help after I said I wasn’t comfortable going into a refuge as I can’t let my ex also abusive know what I’m going though.. He would love that and use it against me as a parent. If I could just get help with a rental property whilst claiming benefots short term until I find work it would be a massive help. I can’t go to any of my local services as everyone is attached my relation or business to my partner. He’s quite well regarded in our communinity. When I leave I will have to come of all social media. His family is huge. I can’t go to my home town due to my abusive family. I’ve got myself into a right situation.

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    FM, you need to know exactly what if anything he could do if you were to go into refuge and if there’s anything you can do to guard against this from hapening don’t you – so perhaps they could find out for you? Or direct you to some free legal advice.

    I’ve never heard of a grant for a private rental before, but I may be wrong, did you ask this question specifically? I would also ask this same question with Shelter.

    You can get your domestic abuse support worker to support a housing application with the council – will be a long wait though, but maybe worth getting an application in now anyway to see if anything comes up, you can always turn it down if at the time you get somewhere with this and have something else instead.

    If I was you I’d try and squirrel away some money for a rental if this seems like your only option, and maybe ask family and friends if they can help out financially a bit? A long term loan to help you get a place now. But sadly this also means riding it out until you do – I think you said he’s not violent, but if he is then this can not be an option can it. It would need to be refuge and to take on your children’s father if he decides to act.

    Did you ask what type of accomodation you and your children would be in? What they have available?

    Long shot, but is it possible he wants out too? If so would he be willing to help with the cost for a new place? Or will he want to try and keep you there in misery at any cost? What you dont want though is him having anything else to do with it other than some financial cost do you, and it’s better if he doesn’t know where it is so you can draw a line. In a situation where there isn’t abuse, both people would come to the same conclusions wouldnt they, that it’s over and so what will we do next, they’d then work this out together.

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