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      Just need some support really, I feel like I’m going mad. (Detail removed by moderator) he saw a comment on my social media on a photo I posted (detail removed by moderator). The person who commented was slightly flirty but i just liked the comment in politeness. He went mad saying he was going to message the person (detail removed by moderator), which he did. I tried talking to him and explained that I did nothing wrong and he argued with me about how I don’t think about how it might make him feel etc. I said (detail removed by moderator) The argument has lasted all day and most of the time he’s been upstairs sulking and refusing to speak to me. He commented on the same photo (detail removed by moderator) saying (detail removed by moderator)  I reacted to it (detail removed by moderator) but for some reason my reaction wasn’t there. He’s accused me of ignoring his comment and lying about it and no matter what I say he won’t believe me. I’ve been panicking so much and begging him to believe me but he just keeps saying I’m lying and is furious about it. It just seems so trivial to push it to this point and now I can’t prove that I did like it (detail removed by moderator). Don’t know what to do any more, he’s always been jealous of me speaking to other men and I’m on pins in case someone says anything on social media that he might interpret as me cheating. I just feel bereft tonight and I have nobody to talk to. I have done nothing wrong but he just won’t listen and my son has heard all the shouting going on and all I’ve been doing all day is trying to calm things down and get him to believe me.
      Don’t know why I’m posting really, I just need someone to tell me I’ve not done anything wrong here? Have I? Should I have deleted the guy who commented? He said (detail removed by moderator).

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      Hi lizard lady I just want to let u know I you know I understand fully what u are going through I have been there I don’t do Facebook now but a guy a knew for years liked a picture of our son and my god it was like I had done something terrible. You have absolutely don’t nothing wrong you are allowed to speak to other men so please don’t feel bad for anything your husband is the one with the problem not you. I hope you are better today x.

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