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    I was in a Coercive controlled relationship for (detail removed by Moderator) years, I finally plucked up the courage in (detail removed by Moderator) to end it, well it’s what I thought I’m still getting abused weekly some times daily From him because we have children together. And he refuses keep to routine a routine set by family services, punishes me by withholding or reducing child maintenance, or not turning up when agreed and only when he wants. Oh it’s so tiring I just want him to have a routine for the children but when i bring it up he gets verbally abusive and aggressive towards me. I just want the cycle of control to end

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    Stop contact unless it’s the times specified in the agreement and get a third party for all communication x

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    Totally agree with KIP, you need some distance between the contact through a third party.
    If he’s not careful and you can’t get a third party and he keeps this behaviour up, he could find himself having contact at a supervised centre- with him having to pay for it!
    Log all of this behaviour, keep records and diary.
    Speak to Women’s Aid for advice, I think this would be classed as harassment now that you are out of relationship? Contact has to be in best interests of the children and behaviour that is inconsistent and threatening towards you is unacceptable.
    This is all just me thinking aloud and sometimes what I think/believe isn’t always what is the case but definitely worth checking out. You and your children deserve better than this.


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    Thank you, I have tried to cut contact, but because he uses seeing the kids to berate me at any chance, there is no routine So no set time or days, he will just email me saying I’m coming on this day and time for the girls, and expects me to be available, And I always do because I’m scared of the repercussion, one occasion I tried to challenge him Because we had plans and he threaten me with court because I was apparently stopping him seeing them on that occasion, I never I said could we do another day, I wish I never because he uses that against me, he told me to only contact him via email, and Then iv been ambushed with essays on historical events he has fabricated to make me look bad, I understand when you say I shouldn’t rely on him for child care, I’m Am working on Changing things once again with my boss As his used to switching and swapping, it’s hard as they are not in school at the moment, I tried a third With a cafcass who helped with the children and His mom And my mom tried, but he put a stop to that. As he said he doesn’t care what anyone thinks about What’s best for his children because theY are our children so no one can have a input. I feel as if I should stop contact until I hear from court but Doing that will get me into trouble as he is entitled to see them.

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     Wants To Help 

    Hi there,

    Yes, he may be entitled to see them, but how you are trying to manage this is the way that reasonable people behave when they break up and can still communicate properly. I know many couples who have separated and share the children without issue at all because they plan ahead and are reliable with arrangements.

    With abusers, it is not about being reasonable, it is not about the best interests of the children, it is still all about control. And what better way to have that control than tell you he’ll have the kids on a day/night/weekend, so you make arrangements to have a social life, they hey presto! He lets you down and your plans are ruined.

    Children still need a routine and reliability. Children need to trust and rely on their parents 100% all of the time, so if this man in not a reliable father and is constantly letting the children down, upsetting them (as well as you) and cannot plan ahead, then stop them seeing him. Let him take legal action to get a formal court order for contact that will set out when he has them and when you have them. He’ll probably still let them down on his weekends and not turn up, especially if he finds out you’ve planned something with friends, or God forbid – a new man, because he’ll want to mess that up for you completely. But just log every missed opportunity he’s had for contact and you can go back to court to ask for no contact at all based on his unreliability.

    You and the children are NOT at his beck and call – ever. If he is threatening you then this is harassment and you can report the threats to the Police. You DO NOT have to change your plans at a moments notice on his say so just because he’s decided he wants the kids that day.

    You have tried an informal way to manage this and (detail removed by Moderator) years later it is still not working. Now is the time to get a formal, lawful arrangement in place.

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    Thank you so much I got emotional ready this advice, you are so right I need to do what best for the children and it’s not me stopping him from seeing them, but its me putting boundaries down for eventually a better routine for them and to save my sanity.
    I have started a log thank you. ♥️

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     Wants To Help 

    Absolutely Tend, you are the one setting the boundaries and requesting consistency and reliability. You are certainly not going along the lines of parental alienation, do not worry about that, which I’m sure he’ll throw in to the mix at some point. You have tried your best, you have included your Mum to try and help facilitate the contact, but to no avail.

    Due to his own ego, sense of self importance and unwillingness to compromise, let him take you to court to get access.

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    Yep, Yep- nodding away here to everything WanttoHelp says!!

    You go Tend, go for it. You and your children deserve better.

    All power to your elbow.


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    Morning, can anyone help with sending a last message as I have gone no contact with my ex, but he has emailed me once and saying his going to be turning up without any prior arrangement.
    I want to let him know I wish for no future contact not until we can get a contact order in place. And I’m not happy for him to just come and goes as he please and if he can stop sending vile messages. I’m not doing this to hurt or Be spiteful but I just can’t keep abiding by my ex’s house rules If that makes sense. If anyone can help with a email response Which will highlight the issues it will be great Thank you xx

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    Sorry to add I meant email as him and I only communicates Via email

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    Hi Tend,
    I’m sorry I don’t know anything about any of this side of things but I am certain someone will. Keep coming back and bumping your post up so it doesn’t slip off the front page, as it’s important that you get the help you need soon.
    LB x

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    Do you have a solicitor? Can they write in your behalf? That way he knows it’s serious.
    Otherwise – just set out that you wish no contact, any further comment from him to you Will not be responded to and will. E treated as harassment. if he needs to contact you he goes via xx( pick someone you trust). If you want to you could set out times for him to see your children or call them (that way you are not blocking access merely putting boundaries)
    Don’t apologise, rationalise or explain. You cannot win that conversation and you simply give him fuel to argue and counter claim. Just stick to the facts and keep it minimal.

    Once you send it, that’s it, do not respond. If you do the police will see it as an argument. Keep copies of anything he sends because you can then build a harassment case should you need to. X

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