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    In relation to the post I just posted, a song burst into my head. The sun ain’t gonna shine anymore! Anyone else here, finding they have this sort of thing going on? Relating songs to things that have happened are happening. It was Baby Love for me earlier in the week, when I lost my little pet, baby🐾 word association I guess? Even if all the song isn’t entirely appropriate. Strange stuff always happens round me…It has always! I could go on all day about weird coincidences, that I don’t think are coincidence at all! But that’s for another time. 💞

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    Yes! There have been lots of coincidences that have happened to me recently that have actually made me think, are they coincidences or is someone out there helping me? It’s like I’m being sent a messages, My friends just think I’m nuts 🤣 but I believe it. It’s actually what pushed me to leaving ☀️

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      Hi Walking on sunshine. They’re messages I believe too. I had a lot after my mum died suddenly some years ago. Too many to mention all but, before she died I kept getting repeating number messages and just knew they meant something? They did! The number was (removed by moderator). My mum died (removed by moderator) before Christmas, (removed by moderator) was the hospital ward she died on. The date she died on adding all digits came to a …can you guess? (removed by moderator) I had told my mum, about (removed by moderator) before she died, I kept having flashbacks to my baby brothers death, her son. He was (removed by moderator) old when he died and I was approaching my (removed by moderator)birthday then. He died at my mum’s mum’s house, and I told my mum in the June of her last year alive that I believed my messages meant my nan would be gone by Christmas? (removed by moderator) months later, Dead! After all, She was 93. This seemed to me? because she was connected to my brother’s death, in her home he had died. So anyway, the final (removed by moderator) came to pass, After my mum’s death my nans! (removed by moderator) Months later…to the day. Odd eh? There’s lots more I could share 💞 trust your intuition, I have found its always right though we don’t understand at first. This week after I lost my little dog, I went of to the coast to heal some, and came back with a lovely reminder unexpectedly! A paw print keyring I had to have as it jumped off the wrack at me when I walked past? It was the only Yorkshire terrier on there? Written on it…a house is not a home without my beloved. Just how I feel right now! But putting the key in the door now…I smile at my keepsake and know she’s come home with me. 🐾 Aaah… Nice thought💗 wishing you lots of special moments, sorry about the long reply. Hazydayz x

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