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    Hi, I’ve never posted or spoken to anyone about this before I’m currently still with my husband but I just feel like I’m trapped and so lonely. Today is a bad day I fact it’s been a bad week everyday he is shouting and screaming at me sometimes violent and always threatening violence, today I’ve been constantly told how lazy I am because when I finish work I just want to sit on the sofa and relax how stupid I am never have any initiative never make an effort for him. I could go on and on it for so much earlier I went and cried in the bathroom silently so he couldn’t here I just feel like my life is so sad then he has good days and it makes me forget but then he starts again. In a joking way when he is in a good mood he says how no one else can have me I just don’t know what to do anymore he always says it’s my fault because I answer back or don’t listen and change he also never feels sorry about what he does ! Sorry for going on and on

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    Hey Cupcake – welcome! There is nothing worse than the loneliness that comes with living with an abuser – and I’m afraid that is who he is. We minimise it deny it but no one should live in fear in their home or be threatened or treated like that. Please reach out for support – perhaps women’s aid or your GP. Keep talking and there are great books mentioned and support on here- the first step is awareness but take support and keep your cards close to your chest with him and just saying – you deserve better

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    Hello Cupcake 123. Welcome! It’s ok your in the right place, we understand! Watersprite has offered great support, take your time, gather your strength keep reading! Your not alone now!💞

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    Thank you both for replying and being so kind he already started shouting etc at me this morning because (detail removed by moderator) and I forgot to get (detail removed by moderator) at the shop then told me to go back to bed and wake up a different person with positive attitude etc the worse part is he has a day off so this will probably continue all day



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    Hello Cupcake123💕,

    Im so sorry your going through this, its awful. I agree with Watersprite. You deserve better, no one deserves to be treated that way. You are not the problem, he is. He has no right to scream at you, or hurt you physically. I think you should go to your GP, you could even try citizens advice. You need to do whats best for you hun. I’m always here if you need a chat❤️

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