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      Since yesterday’s whirl wind of emotions and back and forth emails between me and him, I finally figured out how to permanently delete my whole email account. I can’t resist reading and replying to his emails and it becomes a constant back and forth relentless battle. I need to learn that I don’t need to be in that battle. I can just talk myself out of it. If I’d just realized that when I was with him then I don’t think we would’ve argued half as much and maybe never would’ve broken up… But clearly I couldn’t let him quash me no matter how hard I tried because I always fought to be heard.
      Anyway.. Since I deleted my account- anything he mite send to me (he’s probably sent nothing) will bounce… And his number is blocked. So I got a voice mail from his mum this afternoon demnding in such a rude tone that I call her back as soon as possible!
      I’m still in the midst of a miscarriage which frankly is probably happening because of the hell I’ve been threw since even finding out I was pregnant. This pregnancy was far from planned- I did all I could to avoid it given that me and him were so up in the air and my youngest is only weeks old. When I last spoke to his mum, she told me that I bought this on myself because contraception is entirely down to the woman…. 😡. Well firstly- it’s not! And secondly we used protection. She also said it’s no wonder he left me because I’m mentally unstable and push him to be a man he’s not (referring to the times he’s been violent).
      So anyway…. Given that I’m still in hell I wasn’t too keen on talking to her. I sent her a text msg and told her (as always) that’s no one would be kept away from the children but I needed time to recover. She then asked if there was any truth In what she had heard… I asked what she was referring to and she said that I had miscarried. 😡… Is it me or does that sound like she was saying I was lying?? I confirmed its true and I have literally heard nothing since!

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      Just ignore her too, have no contact with her, anyonethat cant say anything positive towards u needds to be cut off too, she can keep her son , how dare she makes those rude comments to u , block her too

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      Thank you. I’ve blocked her number too now x

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      Well done for blocking her number too. You only need supportive people in your life at this time. It will save you a lot of grief in the long run. That’s another way he can contact you blocked too. I hope you are recovering and looking after yourself. It’s a horrific time for you but I wanted you to know I’m thinking of you👍🌷🌷

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      Just ignore his mother. She is where he got his nastiness.

      Just a word on contraception. Unfortunately most of the types contraception out there rely on the woman taking responsibility sole or joint. I think a vasectomy is the only one where the man takes responsibility solely.

      I don’t want to be pregnant either I’m unable to care for myself well so I don’t think it’s fair on the child I would bring into this world. So I have an IUS and double Dutch it with condoms for STI/STD protection. I have never met anyone who has gotten pregnant on one. It’s more effective than condoms and the pill which seem to be easily used incorrectly or have their effectiveness interferred with.

      May I suggest you get an IUS or IUD or Implant because female sterilization is risky , invasive and comes with difficult side effects and the likelihood of an abusive man being convinced to have a vasectomy is about the same as pigs flying.

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      Good for you blocking her number, she has a cheek asking yo about he misscarriage and offering you no support, I would have been tempted to text back and say why are you enquiring are you going to tell your Son to do what is right ans support me.
      A decent Woman would have wanted to help and support you through this trauma, You don’t need her interferance as she does not have your best interest at heart x

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