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      Living Warrior

      How do you carry on, when you have fought like hell for years and things just keep getting worse?

      When we are treated like the perpetrator, and we have our lives held under a microscope… how do we carry on, when our children are struggling and our new relationships are straining under the constant ‘crazy’

      I just feel so alone,tired and hurting. I feel like a constant failure… constantly questioning my choices… because I’m so use to people telling me I am wrong!

      I don’t understand how this is right.. how is it that they can continue as nothing has happened… and we have to justify our every move to courts… family courts… solicitors… police… jurors… our friends and family.. and to ourselves.

      I’m just lacking faith atm… the s**t is getting ontop of me and the one person who I usually talk to is shutting me out…
      Just feel alone and backed into a corner…

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      ladiesand gentlemen

      Keep talking to us all, we understand exactly how you feel.
      Try your local women’s abuse centre, mine has been very kind and helpful.
      Maybe your GP could help ?
      Stay strong, you WILL survive all this, your children need you now more than ever, and when they are old enough they will see the reality and the truth.
      Remember its NOT you fault !!
      Take care of yourself x*x

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      Hi living warrior ( I love your name it’s fierce) A lot or them are highly n********tic they don’t feel they do anything wrong and justify it theyve usually got empathy deficits and sociopathic traits that’s why they can stay so calm while we’re freaking out they wear feelings like most people’s change of clothes , they wear whatever feeling fits whatever occasion or gets them what they want this is one place you won’t be told your wrong , as your support system was gradually broken down this is somewhere you can start (we all can) to build new ones again.youve been through a hell no one can blame you for feeling overwhelmed

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      I’m with you. No answers. Just keep on doing. Even if it’s just getting through the day. Wake up. Do day. Back to bed. Sending you a hug. If I Find answers I’ll let you know. I guess what I’m thinking is, it’s ok to reach a point, stop, breakdown, wait, then chances are some fight will return. None of it is right. The system is fkd. That is for sure. And society if I’m perfectly honest. The amount of energy we have to put into this is ridiculous. So wrong. Hugs. Solidarity. One day it will be a distant memory. Nothing lasts forever, that is, thankfully the only constant in life. X*x

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      Living Warrior

      Thank you all for your comments I was hoping today I’d wake up feeling more fierce and ready for the next round… but nope, I’m more of a mess today then I was yesterday.. I can’t stop shaking or crying and I constantly feel like I’m gunna throw up. The closer the day gets where I have to relive it all over again whole being made out to be a lier the more I fall apart.. il have nothing left for the day of it continues like this 😒 I don’t know where I can get the strength from… its took so much already.
      Thank you though for ur posts it helps to know I’m not alone because I feel so so alone right now.

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      Hiya. I don’t have any answers but this hit me as I relate with it all. Having Social work involved, health visitors all wanting to know every move because of somebody else’s actions. It feels like we are being punished. One min I feel OK the next a bubbling mess because small children are involved. All I’m doing is taking it one day at a time and hopeful that there is light at the end of the tunnel. We are all here for each other x

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      I think the problem comes down to a real lack of understanding. It’s one of the things that prevents me from reporting and it needs to change very very quickly.

      The system is just enabling the abuser.

      Are you able to find some time in the day to reset, look after you and refocus?

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      Hey you’re not alone, we’re here. Dig deep. Write lists. Go for walks in the countryside where there are no people. Avoid people. Stick to trees and plants. If you can paddle in a stream, or go to the sea, touch water. Need to get you back to you. Eat healthy food. Drink water. Rest. And Breathe. Remember the Sanctuary place that was created last year? Go to a place like that, even if its in your mind? Your mind and body and soul needs nurturing. If you have the strength to do this, you’ll get the strength back to fight the craziness. I promise. Then what about the people you can trust too? And/Or The professionals. Can you find any of them to share or take the load? Sending you strength. You’ll find it. Keep checking in here. We’re here. xx

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      Living Warrior

      Thank you all for your kind messages, I do hope this is just another faze, I am having a mare atm (detail removed by moderator) I dont know how to overcome that fear, its keeping me awake at night havnt slept properly in 2 weeks and have another (detail removed by moderator) to go…

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