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      do as i say,not as i do.
      these are the rules
      i have to live through,
      a hypocrite
      ruling my life,
      who treats me like a dod
      not as his wife
      who i have to obey,
      live under his rule
      i’m tired of being
      a bullied fool
      i want to escape
      so what’s stopping me
      when all that i want
      is to be free.,
      by gran xx

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      Hi gran, perfectly summed up.💜💜 Trauma bonding is what stops us breaking free, once we start to take back control of our lives, those bonds do lessen.
      Hope today finds you getting stronger and taking some little form of control back, in whatever shape.

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      Wow, you could have written that about my life…do you know my oh?! Like IWMB says- sums it up perfectly.
      Really isn’t funny though, what’s more they seem to genuinely believe they are the victims.
      I really think I am going to lose the plot shortly.
      Much love your way ❤️🌈

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      thank you, iwantmeback and scapebook, i meant dog by the way not dod, although he does make me feel like a dud. yesthey truly do believe they are our victims, are you watching coronation street at the moment,there is a woman getting coercively controlled, do you see any similarities in your relationships, i certainly do. love and happiness in future toboth of you. love gran x*x

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      Hi gran, can’t watch corry. Too familiar in certain ways. Caught it a few weeks back, Tracey having a go at Peter when he pulled out of buying their dad’s house, she was totally wicked. That was enough to set me into panic mode. Never mind Geoff and Yasmin storyline.

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      Beautiful Gran, I love your poetry x❤️❤️

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      Your poem is so beautiful gran. Thank you for sharing. Abusers are indeed having two different sets of rules, a good one for themselves and degrading one for us. It’s not fair.
      How you holding up? Are you going out regularly to charge up on fresh air? I dearly hope so, it’s vital for our health but also mental strength at the moment. I find seeing nature, flowers and birds pacing its usual rhythm quite reassuring. I also enjoy seeing the sidewalks full of childrens drawings. They’ve numbered and colored a ladder surrounding my entire block, one that went up to 900!!!
      Wishing you well. Sending you lots of love 💕🌸☀️🌿

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      dear hopelifejoy and hunkydory and iwant meback, thank you for your posts, coming on here really helps me, i dont like to burden my kids, i’m not allowed to make friends so this forum is my saviour and ifeel like you are all friends, yeshopelifejoy i am going out for walks about twice a week with my husband, he is not usually so bad during daytime although still controlling. it is night time when he turns really nasty. love to everyone from gran x*x

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      Thank you for sharing this, Gran 😊

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      your welcome fudgecake, love gran xx

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