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      I don’t want to be in the same town as him let alone the same room.

      So why am i so angry he seems to be moving on?! Talking about some women he has met how they have so much in common wabts to send her a card and flowers for valentines day!! I am so angry.

      And i can see the pattern wooing her with flowers he started of saying the same to me! Sending the biggest bunches of flowers. Until he had me.

      How dare he move on abd be happy. When i am still stuck in a living hell. I still cry myself to sleep see him hear him feel him touching me have panic attacks at the slightest thing. How dare he be happy and move on. We’re not even divorced!!! I can still count in weeks how long It’s been!

      I am so angry but why? I don’t want him back!

      Sorry for my rant

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      Twisted Sister

      Hello Inneed

      I expect he’s loving it, thats he dangling you this way, even though you don’t want him. Its not that simple, if only…

      Its new, and its an insult to you that he’s so over you that he’s straight onto the next. He’s not the same as you, thankfully, that what it is! 😉 and thankfully so

      In reality, a person is ‘normally’ badly affected by the separation from their partner and they either do a ‘rebound’ job, so unfortunate for the rebounded on! or they can’t face being with another because of the pain of separation, and its strange having been with someone for a long time and knowing them so well to simply start approaching complete strangers and start all over, but thats just me perhaps.

      Think about you now, the further you stay away from him and his ‘relationships’ (not sure what else to call them!), the better, concentrate on going through your pain till its gone and looking after yourself well to redress the balance for all his ill-treatment.

      You’re the only one that matters now. strength and hope to you for better 🙂

      warmist wishes ks xx

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      I wish I could support you better at the mo, but all I can offer is big hugs and love and advice to stay strong.


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      Thankyou ladies i feel so stupid!

      It almost feels like a realisation that actually he couldnt have loved me! I stayed being beaten and raped thinking that atleast he loved me.

      And what about this new women? Will he treat her the samr or will it be different because he does love her?

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      White Rose

      Forget the new woman she’s not your problem.
      Maybe they do love us at some point then they discard us like an old toy they’ve outgrown.
      Keep strong and focus on you not him and her – you’re worth far more xxxx

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      Thanks white rose. I am trying not to think about them. How do they manage to make us so worthless even when we have left!

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      Falling Skys

      Hi xx

      Bet a big part of him having a gf is to use it as a stick to beat you with.

      Also you know what will be in store for this woman in the end.

      Hopefully if he’s busy wooing her he will give you some rest.

      Mine hasn’t to my knowledge got a new partner. But when he does I think I will grieve for the relationship I dream of not the one I got.

      Hold your head high you’re worth so much more xx

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      The bit that has really stuck the knife in is how he says “he’s realised he can do alot better than me” how b****y dare he i worked my socks of to put food on the table. Whilst all the time he sat on his backside doing sfa!! And all the time trying to cope with what he was doing!!

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      Falling Skys

      What a prat, he doing it all to upset you, your the one who can and will do better. xx Mine was bone ideal now he’s out all the time doing this and doing that.

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      He was bone idol to never did anything now he’s decorated a whole house and done alsorts

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