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      Clock watching late afternoon and watching and hearing for the sound of a van door bang, or having to phone him at work and kind of run it past him what were having for tea and waiting for his approval. Or looking over at his ugly face and his head ticking plotting his next bout of cruelty and his legs shaking in and out and his thumbs going round like a hamster on a wheel. I don’t miss his horrible smirking after he’s f.ed and blinded at any of us or that terrible feeling of knots in my stomach. Or having to make sure the sheet at his side of the bed were all tucked in so he doesn’t start. Or him having a go at me over the kids eating the last ice Lolly. Or him trying his luck in the night. Or hiding in another room to have a telephone conversation. Or him swearing up at my son for not being quick enough in the shower. No don’t miss any of it.. here’s to a happy life for me and my boys and everyone else and there family’s on this forum…..xxxx

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      Good on you,

      It helps to recall actual incidents sometimes, as actual evidence that they are indeed abusive.

      Getting annoyed that the boys ate the last lolly and took too long in the shower: sounds like my house when he was here.

      Having to please him with the cooking ; the sound of his van wheels in the gravel at 5 o’clock, making my heart sink. No, I don’t miss it either.

      They are arrogant twerps who act like they are gods.

      As KIP says, without us they are nothing: without them, we are everything!

      Here’s to freedom! 🍾

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      Love reading this! I’m at the stage where I am experiencing this. Where I panic if I see his car appear and he’s earlier than I expected and frantically run around trying to tidy and clean. Well I don’t even bother with that now as I’m tired and he’ll find something else to moan about. So why not just save my energy! Hoping I will find strength soon so that I won’t feel that dread and I can happily live in my slightly untidy house but feel happened healthy! X

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