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      My Advocater said to me that her manger said I dont need social services all I need to do is get out of the house the day I told her I am going and to keep in touch with my Advocater when I leave and tell her where my safe place is . I feel so scared that I have to leave soon I got tummy ake I feel sick this is a horrible feeling because of liveing with abusive relationship for many years and leaveing then thinking will he ever find where I live but as long as I keep my address private I should be okay ? .

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      That’s really good. Get out and never look back. I know it’s hard but You can do this x*x

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      Thank you pinkypanther I appreciate your surport.
      It is so hard but I now if I dont leave then it would not be good and social services will end up takeing kids of me because its there welfare that matters . I want to leave but this is what I now will happen if I dont leave . My children always come first I always protect them and I do anything to get out of this situation. Also its safeguarding me and my children x*x

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      That’s the best way to think of it. You do what is rite for you and your kiddies get you all safe and start a happy life

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      Thank you pinkypanther it’s taken me a very long time to get the strength to do this one of my children keeps talking to me about her dad when he was abusive to her not long ago it breaks my heart so much this is why I need to leave because my partner still carrying on being abusive towards me and my children I cant even relax being here with him .xx

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      Oh Rosemary I know this is a very difficult time for you but it makes my heart smile to hear you have planned your escape. You are so strong and you can do it. Sending strength and a big hug. You got this. Keep posting xx

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      Thank you hawthorn for careing and giveing me positive thought bless you . Its nice that I makes you smile because I planned to escape . All
      Emergency housing must have beds and cookers and washing machine in them ? I can’t bring that many clothes with me I have to be careful . I am not sure how emergency houseing works do you hun ? X*x

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      You are doing amazing Rosemary your advocate will support you. Get yourself and those kids safe follow the safety plans you and your advocate have discussed … these worries we have can all be sorted out in time – safety first sometimes we just have to take that next step! X*x

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      Hi Rosemary,
      You are so strong. You have lived with an abusive man and survived. You can handle whatever comes your way after you leave.
      Possibly a launderette will do if no washing machine is available. Or hand wash? I’ve hand washed while on holiday before.
      Just until you get on your feet.
      The unknown can be scary. But you will be so happy you did it. And so will your children.
      We’re here if you need anything xx

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      Thank you watersprite

      For careing and for your positive words about me I am so scared I’ve got bellyake all the time .its so true what your saying I’ve been strong for so long even thoe I’ve lived in fear . My partner made me feel physically sick and I’ve had breakdowns they are horrible I’ve even cry my self to sleep . Leaveing all my personal valuable things at my house which are sentimental to me upsets me I hope I can get my things back a later date .my children come first always they have sentimental things that belong to them to .its ashame how we get treated that we have to run away .also I got my children animal’s at home which they love so much .

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      Thank you ocean

      So much for careing it’s so true what your saying I’ve survived all this time even thoe at times it made me feel so weak.

      Thank you for your advice about a laurendrett I cant take much with me just a cupple of clothing for me and my children I wounder if I will get surppled clothes or get help with money to get some more . It will be scary love

      Thank you for being here for me I really appreciate it

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      Could your advocacy worker go to your home and collect more belongings with the police?

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      I’m so happy for your Rosemary! You can do this. When I was wobbly about leaving, I kept reminding myself that my kids deserved to be free of the abuse and to have a happy childhood.

      You are so strong to have got this far. I know you know this is the right thing to do. Hopefully you can sort out collecting your things, but if you don’t it will be a small price to pay for the safety of you and your kids.

      You’ve got this! Sending lots of love and strength xxxx

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