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      It has been a rollercoaster but I got away. Not plain sailing and Not how I hoped but the relief and peace and joy I feel out of that stressful, miserable and damaging marriage is immense.
      He is showing his true colours and now my family see more too. All the ways he is trying to punish me confirm I did the right thing.
      So so sad that it had to be this way.
      Keep going all of you, make those plans as safely as you can.
      You truly honestly will know when the time is right, it was frustrating at times to be close and then not quite make it but I know now it all happened as it should at the right time for me.
      Sending love xx

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      I am so so pleased for you!
      Take care x

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      @kitkat44 you are truely incredable.
      A huge huge well done sweetie I hope you are proud of the courage and bravery it took for you to leave.
      I hope now you can finally heal, feel safe learn to love you again be you again and live a life you so deserve lots a luck and keep us informed of how you are doing. Stay strong sweetie and always remember how good it feels right now you may need that during the dark days.
      Now go shine sweetie go shine xxxxxxx

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      😀 amazing news! I’m so happy to read this. Well done. Stay safe. Look after yourself. It’s a strange time straight after. Get lots of rest. I was physically exhausted but on a mental high, it was a weird flip, make sure you get in lots of self-care and sleep! The mental exhaustion kicks in after when you’re safe and your brain starts going W*F was that all about! Strange dreams, nightmares.. keep posting and reaching out to this incredible forum!
      You’ve made my day!!
      Xx 😘 💐

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      WELL DONE!!!

      I just want to echo what @iliketea has said… you really need to be very, very kind to yourself now.

      Stick with us, we are still all holding on to one another, carrying each other through the dark days.

      Most of all recognise what a monumental achievement this is. You rock!!!

      LB x*x

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      You did it kitkat YAY ! I knew you would! So fasten your seatbelt it’s bumpy but you have done the hardest most amazing thing. I was suggested to do this when we left – walk drink water eat healthy sleep repeat . It was great advice slowly your life will open your freedom will have meaning. Stand tall feel proud well done 💕

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      That is wonderful news! I’m really happy for you and it’s great for others to see that however stuck you feel, you find a way when the time is right. xxxx

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      Great news. Please ring the police is his behaviour escalates. This is a very dangerous time for you 💕

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      Amazing news Kitkat! Well done you are a brave woman.
      Wish you all the best!

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