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      I am on this fb forum with people from my country. We have discussions what to do now after the Brexit and many want to leave.
      Whenever I say something there are these three (detail removed by Moderator) men who always know things better, but they actually do not!
      They are f… mansplainers and they cannot let me talk to any of the women. They always have to add their schmonzes and insist they are right.
      I hate them. They are such brainless mansplainers! Nothing what they say is correct.
      I could never go back and face these stupid men there, who always have to be right and interrupt women’s conversations.
      That is a typical thing in my country of origin and I just cannot stand it. I would yell constantly, from morning to night time. They drive me mad.
      I am glad I studied here and learnt fact based thinking. That is something what those men miss completely.
      Thanks to the higher power for the Freedom Programme!
      Vent over. Thank you for reading. x*x

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      It is good to vent, hope you got it out of your system X

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      Yes good to have a safe understanding place to vent , so vent away xxxx

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      Thank you both 🙂

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      Vent away, Ayanna.

      I am realising how much of my ex’s abusiveness was due to his cultural upbringing.

      Where he lives, it seems to be the norm for men to have illicit affairs.

      The women seem to take this and continue slaving away trying to prove their worthiness, probably dying of exhaustion at the kitchen sink eventually, chopping knife and breadboard in hand.

      Not me, thanks. My grandmother (God rest her dear soul) was a firecracker and she would turn in her grave if she knew how my abuser had tried to set the feminist movement back 100 years in my marriage. She’s have set him right!

      ( She was amazing- the first female to win salesperson of the year award in her place of work, and she put my childhood bully right with just a few lashes of her tongue! )

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      Yes Serenity, it is sickening. I stand up to those men now, no matter what.

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