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      Up to something. He’s suddenly after months of drinking in the pub saying he’s no longer bothered about going out anymore. And saying how he wants to help out with kids which is very unusual as he couldn’t give a stuff before. He reckons since I’d distanced myself from him its made him think. Ha ha. Saying this he also knows my house is nearly sold. U were doing the chasing before silly me. But since I had cut of from him and prooved I couldn’t care less he’s suddenly had a change of heart. Just wanting some advice I personally think he’s still playing games x

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      Hi Betterdays, I would be cautious. Its all very well putting on the nice act once he feels you slipping away but its not real, what he is saying or doing. If you took him back it won’t be long before it all goes back to before. You are doing so well creating independence and moving on. I am still NC with my ex and all of his friends/associates, can you do the same?
      To have any contact with any of them plays havoc with your emotions I have found.

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        Yes u are right healthy archive. Inshould know really played this game for years and years now. And there’s always a motive. Why should me and kids jump now because his life’s not working out? He can get f.ed x

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      This is just another tactic. More games from him. He cannot believe that you have the strength to cut him out your life. He’s always crawled back in the past and you have allowed him. Try to go total no contact. That way he cannot take up any more head space. You have played this game before where he comes back again, makes promises he doesn’t keep then hurts and disappoints you and your children. These men are nothing without us but we are everything without them. You’ve done so well. Don’t let him bring you down again x

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      Looking at it probably is more games luckily with me being on my 3rd freedom programme and the God send of being on this site I’m not goung to fall for it. He will never learn at no cost he still classes himself as a good person. He’s done nothing in past never attended appointments or got involved so why now? So really when he were boozing and laughing at me it wernt all he thought it were going to be. He will want revenge too I mean I’ve showed strength chose my own car sold my house as good as. Ignored him sbown him I don’t need him. There all self x

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