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    Ok so about (detail removed by moderator) weeks ago i had to run out of my house to the police station. One moment having a normal day watching t.v with my partner on the evening and then out of nowhere he flips. I could see his facial expression dramtical change in to rage. Stupid me i asked what was wrong, and he went silent for 2mins, then he starts screaming at me saying why is everyone else going on holiday but us, he graphically showed me how he was going to break my (detail removed by moderator), then starting punching the (detail removed by moderator). I asked if i should call medical assistance because he had completely lost it at this point and he replyed saying if anyone comes here he will beat them up. He then said i have wrecked his life and told me not to come anywhere near him, he doesnt even want to look at me in a scarier tone i have not seen becore. So i ran out of my house like my life depended on it, weeing my self in the process. The police toke me to a friends for the night and said if he kicks off again when i return home, they will remove him but he didnt.

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    Don’t wait for him to kick off again. He knows exactly what he’s doing. Find out about getting him removed now. Speak to the police again. They should have removed him by now for your own safety. He won’t change and will only get worse. Are you in contact with women’s aid?

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    Then (detail removed by moderator) later i couldnt sleep properly because all of this and said to him i am concerned about our relationship. And wanted to be able to communicate normal but he closed his eyes pretending he couldnt hear me and then i tryed once more with him then laughing in my face, he said he didnt care about us, that all he wants to do is travel, doesnt want children and marriage, then starts calling my daughter (detail removed by moderator). At this point i asked him to go, saying the only reason he was here is because we are ment to be in a relationship, and that clearly wasnt happening. he then told me No i should leave my own home. I told him i will call the police if he didnt leave and he said (detail removed by moderator) and started laughing, saying they would not take any action. Soi phoned them and he could here everything i was saying and still stayed in bed. When i got off the phone and had my phone ready on 999, i told him they are on there way. He started grabbing essentials and told me (detail removed by moderator) still laughing. He left. The police came as soon as he left, telling me to get the locks change and that i had a lucky escape. Saying to arrange a time with him to collect his things for the police to be there. By the time i went to bed it was 3am. He kept trying to call me and text me at (detail removed by moderator) standing outside my house asking to collect his thing’s. I was half asleep when i naturally opened the door to him, he got his things and left. (detail removed by moderator) he went to the (detail removed by moderator) next to my house and decided to come and see me, stupid me i let him explain his self and hetold me he was sorry that he wants to nake thingswork and that the reason he callex my daughter (detail removed by moderator) is because hes worried that she has a social and anxiety problem. That shes amazing at (detail removed by moderator) but cant do things on her own accord. Explaining that her dad does nothing for her her aprt from pay me maintenance, watches me struggle whilst hes living the high life. Sort story he grabbed his things and cameback promising this wont happen again. My (detail removed by moderator) was on his death bed (detail removed by moderator), so we went to the hospital and all the time we were there he was being overly flirtatious with (detail removed by moderator) in front of me. Because i have anxiety i didnt want to say anything and the timing wasnt right. I was in a dreadful state seeing my (detail removed by moderator) die so young asking me for help in some of his last breaths. I am currently at home with apparently a (detail removed by moderator) infection being told to isolate because of the virus. My partner has continually complained wanting to go the (detail removed by moderator), to buy a (detail removed by moderator), to buy (detail removed by moderator), still going out with friends, wont go food shopping unless i go. Last night a porn picture popped up on his (detail removed by moderator) tablet whilst i was playing (detail removed by moderator), so i checked his history and it turns out hes been looking at pornographic pictures which made me feel sick. He said he was bored and that he hadnt been getting sex of me so what was the big deal. The big deal is he’s got some (detail removed by moderator), thats why i wont have sex, ive got the infection and it kills you when youve lost so much confidence becuase of this drama hamster wheel thats drained me of all life. I feel even more isolated and stuck because of the virus. Ifeel like i died the day i met him

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    You managed to get him out before and you can do it again. Talk to the police again and have him removed. Change the locks. All the stress he brings you will be making you ill. You need peace and quiet to recover. Abusers are liars and he will tell you what you want to hear. His behaviour is disgusting and you deserve better x

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