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    Hello I’m new and I want to say to every woman out there that is being
    Abused,to get out of the relationship,I left my partner who was controlling,I thought I was going mad,i got to the point I wanted to kill myself but my children who are grown up,made me want to live,nobody knew he was mentally abusing me,I was a good actress put it that way. He was very controlling,jealous,he would not let me go out have friends,could not do anything on my own! he would go through my phone,he didn’t trust me he said,he isolated me from the world,I wasn’t living but exsisting.we were both retired but everywhere I was he was there with me,I had no space and time to myself.I asked myself this is not right so I had the chance on new years day to leave,and take my advice ladies don’t look back on what you could of done,or make the situation better but look forward to a world of freedom and happiness.ABUSERS DON’T CHANGE,THEY ONLY MOVE ON TO THERE NEXT VICTIM

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    👏 I couldn’t have put it better. Welcome to freedom. Well done x

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    I hope that this post inspires others. We’ll done xx

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    Hi FREE2020,

    Brilliant news about you leaving your abuser and getting your freedom, the ladies on here have been great supporting me along my harrowing journey of abuse..
    Your situation sounded just like mine is.. and I’m hopefully just gotten to the end and freedom is in sight..saying that, panic and guilt setting in, but I’ve felt those feelings before in trying to flee, but always came back..
    But this time is different, I’ve found a home.. and it felt like home when I saw it too..
    Your freedom and what you’ve just said give me that extra strength in leaving
    Sending hugs

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     [email protected] 

    I just wanted to say well done and congratulations x*x

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    Hello FREE2020 and welcome to the forum.

    I’m so glad to hear you have managed to break away from such an abusive relationship, it’s great that you have come here to share your experience and encourage others in doing the same.

    Congratulations, enjoy! And thank you for posting.


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    Hello FREE 2020

    Well done babe I’m hoping to be in your situation soon although I’m still stuck and blaming myself.

    I am very happy for you 🤗

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    ❤️ I’m so happy for you and thank you for giving me hope as I’m making plans

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