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    The other day I posted in Positive Moments. First time since being on the site. For the first time I don’t miss him I despise him for what he’s done to me. I was broken hearted, feeling destroyed by him but after dealing with numpties in the police for the best part of last year I have now found a supportive domestic abuse officer who feels we have a case and given what she has found out about his past. There’s a lot I don’t know, more than I got the disclosure for. I have work involved now too and they are concerned he’s there. I am a freelancer and I have turned down work because I’m sick of seeing his face in there. I’ve put together a long timeline and am now putting all of the relevant texts and emails, of which there are hundreds, onto a memory stick. I want justice and I will not rest until I get something. He walks off into the sunset having trampled all over me, no way.

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    Both my fingers are crossed for you PTH; you have made strides. You sound calmer, more at peace, together. It’s really good to know you have this domestic abuse officer, just wish all forces had one. Keep us posted then as I’m sure you will; and look after yourself x

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    Fizzylem I don’t know what will happen going forward but I feel lighter than I have in months. I am eating and sleeping better. I just want to try and get some justice. Now work and the police are talking it has become more serious as what was disclosed to me by the police wasn’t everything which is shocking in itself. I put the timeline together in a few days but I’m struggling to get all the texts and emails together as there are so many of them and when I start to read them, especially the ones from his mum, I can’t believe it and it starts to fit into place. I gave so much time to him to help him get sober and he took that love and support and abused me and moved on. I’m not saying justice will definitely come but something has changed and the officer said she would be completely honest with me if she didn’t think there was something there for her to work with but given what I told her and what she looked into he is one step closer to running out of lives. I no longer love him and miss him I despise him for his manipulation and gaslighting. I have nothing to lose now so he can do his worst. x

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    Same problem, had lots to wade through. It brings much clarity doesn’t it evidence gathering, I found it emotionally hard to go through it too, but by the end, I also found my emotional response to it got less and less. Although it left me feeling a deep saddness for about a week when I compiled my daughter’s; but the making sense of it all is golden. It’s like you have neat files now in the mind, and this helps no end when you need to articulate things.

    Keep going, you’ve got someone listening to you and trying to help – great. Whatever happens, it is helping you to recover. You can see him now and have let him go and that is priceless x

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