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      Ladies im not doing well. I’m suffering i feel low. I’ve got depression and this was way before my ex came along. I feel like guys are sucking me in I’m taking a step from that all. I feel very vulnerable. I feel very low its so draining being me. I’ve just rested most of the day. Please help x

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      Hey there. Sending you a big hug. The fallout from abuse is awful. It’s a real roller coaster. Have you spoken to your GP or are you getting councelling. You’ve had some really good positive experiences so try to concentrate on remembering these positive moments and know that the low mood always passes. Don’t get involved in new relationships until you’ve spent all your time and energy on yourself, healing. Hug a pillow, have a duvet day. Stick a favourite DVD on. You’ve done really really well so far x

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      Thanks KIP. I have telephoned my GP and I’ve struggled to get an appointment but I’m going to try and get an emergency appointment now. I’ve started to listen to mindfulness meditation and I’ve started to exercise again. I’m carrying so much baggage around with me I’m feeling as though it’s always with me and it’s on my shoulders. I just can’t stop overthinking. I’ve slept most of the day stayed on the phone to a friend and barely did anything. My friend is helping me find a private counsellor while I wait for one on the NHS. There’s not long now until my sisters wedding so that’s a huge stress and massive triggers. I’m not talking to any vuys I thought I was ready but I’m not. Once the wedding is over I can start planning things and enjoying my life with my friends again and then I have my holiday to look forward to but each day is hard to get through I’m sick of putting so much pressure on myself x

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      You’re right about the pressure we put on ourselves. I bet if it was a physical illness we would be much more sympathetic. Hang in there x

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      Hi hun
      Don’t blame yourself. I was very vunerabal
      When I met my ex .i had depression also
      He said all the right things to me he controlled me to stop my medication and he would make me happy wrong was i .. it was a living hell after he entrapped me …
      i do hope you are getting counciling you are not alone X we are here for you

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      Depression is extremely tough to live with, with or without abuse. The good thing is the darkest days are never a permanent state.

      Sorry to hear how low you are feeling Positive, I can definitely empathise. It’s good you have a supportive friend helping you to find a counsellor, the waiting lists can be so long for nhs or charity therapy which really doesn’t help, sometimes we just need to talk to someone now.

      If you need to rest all day, you need to rest all day. Nothing wrong with that. You could set yourself a small goal each day if you think it might help, such as ‘have a shower and wash my hair’ or ‘write a page in my journal,”make myself a nice dinner’ or even just ‘watch that film I’ve been meaning to watch for ages.’ Really small tasks that you can tick off and feel better once they are done. When I am in the thick of depression I often can only manage to get up, shower, eat and that’s about it, sometimes I can’t even find the energy to shower and I’m a very clean person, but deep depression just makes everything feel impossible.

      You won’t always feel this way. Be kind to yourself. Just remember, “this too shall pass.” Sending you a big hug. x

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      There is a spoken word poet called Shane Koyczan who has a poem called ‘Instructions for a bad day’ which I find helpful when I am feeling down. (link removed by Moderator)
      I hope you are feeling better today.

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