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    I’m just starting in this process of leaving…well leaving again but I’m not going back this time despite the fact I can literally feel my pathetic resolve weakening.

    But tonight I’m so f*^king tired. I slept 3 hours last night and the kids have been full on today.
    I know it’s only a place and I know it’s only stuff but I want to be at home. Not stuck away with hardly any of our things.
    I know that if I was home – my resolve might be weaker or it would be harder because of all the memories but I just want my things and the kids to have theirs so that we can feel some tiny bit of familiarity and comfort.
    I’m tired of having to tell people over & over what’s happening, to keep bringing up all the shameful, horrible, gut churning things from the past and the present. I’m tired of my brain remembering all the s**t he’s done and put me through and I’m tired of feeling disgusted with myself, guilty for my kids, shameful, embarrassed, all those things. I’m tired of feeling like a victim but I know I have to accept that I am before I can fight back.

    I know it’s one step at a time but right now it feels too overwhelming and I just want it all the drama and the feelings to go away and let my brain just have a little bit of rest!

    Sorry to be such a moaning Minnie just need to get it off my chest 🙁

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    Hi there, I’m sending you a huge hug. These feelings will pass, I promise. I too left our home. I go every day to walk our dog to save her being locked in a crate all day. My house is a strangers now. I look around it and can’t envision me living there EVER again. You’re so right it’s baby steps. My first day out, I didn’t know what to do with myself,i was so tearful. I don’t have as many of those days now🤗. I still have a little contact with him but even that is lessening too. Slowly detaching, cutting the bond that ties us. I hope once I’m ready to move, I won’t waver.
    Best wishes IWMB 💞💞

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    Thank you IWMB it just feels like a mountain to climb whilst he does nothing???

    I feel like I’m continuing to be punished because of him and his behaviour. Why are people like this??

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    Have you considered an occupation order to get him out the family home?

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     Can I breathe now 

    I had to leve mine too and ironically I paid for it I’m trying to get solicitor to claim but I get it you made a home there my exam got so mad when I left he hacked my emails and said things to my mate about me

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    I felt the same in the early day X but j look at my new little home now and love it. I left with literally clothes and kids toys initially and had to hit Facebook market place big time.

    If i go to my old house now it holds no emotional connection, just seems dreary. I wouldn’t want to spend a night there anymore!

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