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      Today i’ve seen some examples of loving, healthy relationships. It made me feel sad at the contrast between this & what I had. There was a woman on the TV who was going through a devastating time, i think a family death of someone close. She was alone at the time she received the call. She called her partner in floods of tears and desperation and told him that she needed him, he came to her more or less straight away and comforted her and told her how much he loved her. If that was me, my ex would not have even have answered the phone as he would be conducting silent treatment. If eventually answered the phone, he would make an excuse or really take his time to get to me, and then stroll in like the cat who got the cream so that the attention would then be on him. I wouldn’t get much love or support and I would feel awkward so that I couldn’t be myself. Another couple who i saw, they look so genuinely in love, happy, fulfilled, they are also a modern couple, she is successful in her own right with a good career, I see love and happiness in both of their eyes and no fear, awkwardness or pretense.

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      You will find once you leave your abusive realtionship you watch other couples more and see how they are with each another, some will be brill and all loved up and have perfect partners, some u just think and look im glad im out, it is ashame how ours treated us, it hurts loads, im just glad i got out and take each day slow

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      White Rose

      Annoying and upsetting isn’t it?
      I get a pang of jealousy at times. We had good times too but I’d never felt supported by him in times of trouble or stress. Where a hug would have been great I got advice on what I needed to do as if he was dishing out instructions to a subordinate.

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      I see couples on the street or on TV who clearly love and respect each other and it brings a lump to my throat. Not so much jealous as sad that I didn’t have that. I hope to have it one day in the future though 🙂

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