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     Spirit angel 123 

    Hi everyone
    I have been with partner for a number of years we now have a child together. Red flags were there from the start but I saw it as love, for example I would say I’m going out he would then imply he knows someone who works in that pub and if I had any problems to go to them as he would rather someone look out for me, fair enough. Then it turned to ‘who have you slept with’ I was reluctant to answer as we was only together (detail removed by moderator) his justification for knowing was that he need to know so people arent walking around laughing at him! When I did tell him he had a disgusted look on his face and went all funny. When I question what was wrong, he would say nothing. In arguments he has smashed my house up, I went through a miscarriage and he ended up screaming in my face not to blame it on him, I never once did. We have split a few times because of his behaviour but I had him back. This time around as soon as I got pregnant it escalated, he’s told me I deserve to be dead, he’s told me he wishes I was a better mother, he has spat in my face during an argument, he drives erratically of we argue. He comes home from work and walks around in a huff if he (detail removed by moderator),which creates a huge tension. He end up slamming doors fridge doors ect, screaming and shouting over me while I talk,he really scares me But after all these episodes he always come back hugging me and telling me I’m to sensitive and he didn’t mean what he said I just understood it wrong. Hmmm I think the comment ‘get over here now, you need to be put in your place’ cannot be misunderstood, however he still continued to blame me and my misinterpretation. He has also told me if I leave he will shoot me if I leave and the reason he gets so angry is because I don’t know how to keep my mouth shut. He has told me I need to seek help so I went to docs and was given anti depressants but after (detail removed by moderator) he smashed them up because ‘they was making me worse’. I’m so scared to leave and also feel so guilty as I want to sit and talk to him about leaving but I know it will end up in me and my belonging being thrown out in the street. I just don’t know what to do any more, my anxiety is out the roof

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    Let me first off by saying I’m sorry to hear that u are having such a hard time. This is not you. I can promise you this. He is using intimidation and manipulation to keep u in check. Why should you keep your mouth shut. You are a human being with a right to an opinion. How disrespectful. I’m not very good at advise but I would advise you to give womens aid a call when you can. My man also asked who I had slept with..why? For collateral.. to throw it back at me at a later date. Stupidly I told him all. My house got smashed too..doors slammed..anti depressants ridiculed. Its seems to be very similar behaviour in these men. Stay strong x*x

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