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    Hi ladies,
    Had to divert to docs today and beg to see my doctor he’s booked me in for the morning…
    I know I’ve got to go and but my trauma from my daughter and the abuse has overwhelmed me so much I can’t cope..

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    Hey there, could it be a panic attack? It’s good you’re seeing the doc in the morning but you’ve probably experienced these feelings before and overcome them. Your anxiety will be raised anyway because you’re nearly at a point where you are leaving your abuser. Do you have some coping strategies? Some breathing techniques, some mindfulness, some positive mantras? Can you self soothe? You have the power, strength and experience to ride through this. You’re stronger than you know x

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    Hi Kip, I have felt similar feelings but not as severe as th Is…maybe your right it may be a panic attack..


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    Hi woollymammal,

    This definitely could be a panic attack, I suffer from them and they are very debilitating so sending you a huge hug first off.

    If you find this evening that you can’t self-soothe or the strategies that KIP has mentioned don’t work (all really excellent to try, if you can) and it all becomes too much again, don’t hesitate to call 111 (non-emergency NHS). They have been so helpful to me on several occasions the past year – sometimes just having that “authority” on the end of the line is a huge help, having someone to help with your breathing etc. Don’t think you’re wasting their time, you are DEFINITELY not, they are there to support you.

    You are strong, you’ll get through this, thinking of you x x

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    Oh Woolly, you’ve been through so much, and you are here to tell the tale and live another day; it’s so painful what you’ve been through and leaving a partner and our home is never easy, but there is a life for you on the other side. One of my closest friends lost her child in horrific circumstances, she was lost for a while, but she came through it stronger and wiser, and now helps others and I can honestly say she is the most inspirational woman I have ever met, so kind and compassionate, and knowing, self assurred. She loves all people and life but she had to overcome a great many difficulties to get here. You’re stepping into the unknown yes, but every single day of every moment is also unknown to us isn’t it, it’s no different here is it, you are leaving but you still do not what is around the corner whether you stay or go – it’s all unknowns, life is, being human is, but what we do know for certain is that you will get more of the same at home if you stay and that when you do get your own little place you will make it good. You will be able to get more support than you ever have been while living with him – no more hiding hey x

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    Hi Woollymammal,

    How are you feeling now? I just wanted to reiterate what the others have said here; it’s really understandable why you’re feeling so overwhelmed. Please do call for some medical help if you’re feeling really panicky this evening; either the NHS 111 service, or if it escalates and you need to then call 999.

    Well done for booking the doctor appointment for tomorrow; I hope it all goes well and that you’re feeling a bit calmer now,


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