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      Hello everyone, sorry I have not been on here for ages. I have been busy with my divorce and generally trying to get my life together. I hope all of you ladies are doing ok.
      I was just wondering if any of you suffer from exhaustion ? I am tired all the time. Sometimes I get home and all I want to do is go to bed and I still have to cook tea and put my daughter to bed etc and I feel like I am dragging myself through the day. Then when bed time finally arrives i cannot sleep! The House is often a mess and I look around and just feel too tired in the evening to tidy up. I have never in my life felt so tired ALL the time. I am just wondering if it is a symptom of trauma. It was an anniversary of one of the assaults recently – may be that has made my symptoms worse. I had been doing better before that. I just wondered if anyone else feels the same and if you have things you do to cope.

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      I am not too sure if it is a symptom of Trauma, but I feel the exact same way. I am always tired and fatigued. It has gotten to a point where I fall asleep at work or even in a conversation. I always thought it might be that I have an iron deficiency, but havent been for tests yet. There are just too many causes of fatigue that it is so difficult to self diagnose. It would be best if you went for some tests though.

      I think the trauma does effect us emotionally and we do tend to feel restless and exhausted as well. I know it is a difficult time now, but can you not take a small vacation away from home and all the memories, maybe that would make you feel better

      I wish you all the best for your divorce and hope you feel better.


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      Hey Hun

      My experience has left me totally exhausated and i have chronic fatigue, low iron , i only survive cause i have strong strength vitamins so i would highly recommend them , rest as much as u need to, i get days where i just have to nap

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      Hi, I often have for years felt very tired, I am sure its to do with the abuse and after a bad spell the start of the year , I could hardly function, exhausted, tired , no energy, I have read many Women on here have felt the same.
      Depression can also make you feel very tired. Best to get a few blood tests as well as anemia, under active thyroid and other things can make you tired also google adrenal fatigue, that is the result of on going stress

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      When things are hard to deal with at home I feel exhausted. I think when all your emotions are at peak it wears you out. You could also be suffering from a touch of depression and it might be worth a visit to the doctor if your mood is low too. Well done for getting out. It sounds like you had a lot to deal with so I am guessing that it is going to take a while to feel at your best. xx

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      Dear I Want To Break Free, tiredness, exhaustion & lethargy are symptoms of stress & depression, these are inevitable feelings to have considering all that we have to put up with. You can go to your GP,I avoid medication where possible. I often struggle with mild depression & lethargy, I try very hard to look after myself despite the low mood & lethargy. Regular exercise, eating healthily, having fun,doing things that make me happy &avoiding things that make me sad. Staying Sane by Dr Raj Persuad is a favourite book of mine.x

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      Chronic fatigue is a symptom post-trauma.

      Be sure to pace yourself. Keep to a routine and carve time out every day for actual rest. It will benefit you in the long run.

      It is important to listen to your body. Don’t ignore it. I ignored what my body was telling me and I am now lumbered with fibromyalgia. Adrenal fatigue can also occur if you overdo it.

      Keeping to a rhythmic routine will ensure that you and your kids are paced and relaxed. Xx

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      Thanks for your responses. I don’t think i am depressed but the divorce etc is constantly on my mind and trying not to let my ex kick me out of our home. I think being a single mum and being constantly on the go does not help.My to do list never seems to get shorter and I am constantly playing catch up! I took a day out today and rested. Hopefully I will get my energy back.

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