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      So I’m leaving tomorrow, well I’m hoping the window of opportunity presents itself as he only leaves the house to go for a run. I’m nervous and excited and feel like the worst person in the world. All at the same time. I just thought I’d come here where others would understand how I am feeling.

      I know I need to leave. The children are now getting dragged into it – he’s started doing his thing in front of them. And he’s started saying stuff about me to them. He’s also started to use his words and tone on one of them as I’ve disengaged with him. I’ve been advised to keep out of it when he does this.

      I have help getting what I can out. Already have some bits and pieces in the new place. I have left about 6 or 7 times already but feel very differently this time. I really think this is the last time.

      Anyway, wish me luck ladies

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      Hi Fluttershy,

      Wishing you all the luck in the world and hope your plan comes together tomorrow, and that you can leave safely, and no turning back. Keep us posted.
      We are with you all the way.

      Take care of you.

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        Thank you, it really means a lot x*x

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      Go for it FlutterShy! You’ve got this far, so keep going and don’t look back. I wish you strength and good luck. You’re well ahead of me, but I really hope I can do what you’re doing sometime soon xx

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        Thank you lovely. I have honestly been in the depths of despair, thinking this only way to find peace is to be no more. But I managed to not give up and claw my way out. I found some friends (I was isolated) and told them. That really helped me
        You can do this too when the time is right. We are all here for you x*x

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      Good luck. I hope it all goes well. We are all behind you. Sending lots of love and hugs xx

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      Wishing you luck, stay safe. Sending strength. xx

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      I will be thinking of you tomorrow. I sort of planned to go last week but couldn’t go through with it when the day came.
      If you feel differently this time and you’ve made attempts before then it all sounds positive. Good luck and take care đź’ś x

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      Wishing you good luck and take good care of yourself and the childrenđź’•

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      Good luck today – You can do this and you are doing the best by your children. Only after we have left can we begin to see the effects. Try and go no contact and keep a list of the reasons you left to remind yourself why you did it when things are tough. You are stepping into a bright future of your own making imagine that and take care and we are all behind you x*x

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      You sound so brave and determined – you can do this!! for yourself and your children x*x
      Light and love x

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      Thank you all.

      We made it out, so nerve wracking. I think I was running on adrenaline yesterday and feel terrible today. I’ve hardly slept and just crying though I’m not sure why. But we are in our little flat, he doesn’t know where we are and I haven’t heard from him which is what I expected.


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      Well done, yes it will be strange at first, emotionally draining and head all over the place, but you have done the hard part. It will get better and it is so worth it. Stay strong.

      Take care of you, beachhutXx

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      That’s amazing well done you are so brave sit in that new power. Feelings are normal there is so much to start to grieve and process. Just keep on doing little things for you – watch what you want on tv light a candle take a long bath/shower have a walk reach out for support. Try and enjoy NO drama and calm. My ex was silent and then he started so prepare yourself for that too. No contact is the only way to begin to heal. Reading up on trauma bonding helped me. It may not feel like it but you have done the hardest bravest thing feel proud in time you can have a good future now

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