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    (detail removed by moderator) I got home from work and he started on one of his rages again that he takes out on me the spit was flying out of his mouth shouting.
    I said nothing I didn’t respond I went and sat upstairs so obviously he follows me there to continue this rant with no substance to it I’ve done nothing wrong.
    I brought up that I am struggling a lot for money and I need him to contribute more he refused this telling me what he pays is fair I pay 75% he pays 25% and he earns triple ok that’s fair .
    I said please I really would like you to move out of my house if isn’t about the money it’s one of a very long list of things about his abuse how he treats me speaks to me like a dog treats me like a Slave and also sees me crying over my kids uniform and do nothing to help me. I said at the end of the day you are not a good person your not your awful please get out of the house.
    He’s stormed upstairs and shut the door on my room he’s literally a vile horrible person and he knows I’m serious I’ve been done for ages a year almost but just plodding on he’s punched me this year man handled me aswell as the emotional abuse and also making sure I’ve got nothing financially.
    He’s only here because he won’t leave and I’ve been relying on his contributions I sang him to just get out of my house

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    (detail removed by moderator) not saying a word because I’ve told him to go that won’t last how can he think we are happy like this ? He’s so deluded

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    So glad my kids aren’t here (detail removed by moderator) to see this once again this dysfunctional stuff they will think this is normal and it’s ok to treat women the same I don’t want this to be their example to be a selfish horrible little person with no thought for anyone else ever. I would rather sleep on my sofa all night than get into bed next to him. Sorry for the rant but why doesn’t he just go I’ve stopped giving any love of affection to him he must know

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    He doesn’t think like you do. It’s not about love and relationships. It’s about what he can get from you. At the moment it’s almost free food and board and he can abuse you and get the thrills from doing that. Don’t make the mistake of thinking he has the same thought patterns as you. He’s going nowhere until he’s made to. You might even be better off as a single mum as there are lots of financial assistance. You’d certainly be better off mentally. Speak to citizens advice. If it’s your home he’s has no right to be there. Change the locks when he’s out and dump is stuff at one of his relatives homes. Message him at work and ring the police if he turns up. It may sound drastic but these men simply never go quietly. In fact you could speak to a domestic police officer on 101 for advice. They may be able to persuade him to move out peacefully without their intervention?

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    Well done for telling him. I’ve been in a very similar position, and he just wouldn’t accept that he had to leave. It took me a long time of researching to find out that I could apply for an Occupation order free of charge to get him removed by court bailiffs.

    If he does go out then yes change the locks immediately that’s the quickest and easiest way. Unfortunately in my case he never left the house when I was there unless I was fast asleep and didn’t know he’d gone out.

    I let him stay for way too long, believing that he’d make a move to find somewhere, but he never did. Don’t fall into that trap.

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