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    Now that I have decided to leave the relationship I need to prepare myself. I feel sad because although it for the best I still very much care about him. I feel like I’m losing a piece of myself and I want to know he will be okay. In the same time he has dominated my life and I’m not sure what to do with myself once we no longer together. I guess I just need to let myself feel these things and wait for them to pass.

    ThePoppyGirl xx

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    hello poppygirl
    Yes, as hard as it is, feel these feelings. They will pass. From this point on you will be regaining a piece of yourself, although it may not seem like it now.
    Keep posting

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      KIP you right, it will not, and I’m feeling relieved when I think about not being in this situation anymore. I’m singing up for a workshops and trying to getting my life back on track in regards of all the other aspects like my work, education, living environment 🙂
      Frankfurter, Thank You! I’m planning on doing the freedom program when I’m ready 🙂
      Freedomtochose I have told him that I want to leave and just that has made me feel so much better, I have not realized how much this relationship was affecting me until now. It’s scary but its necessary.
      I might have done a silly thing but I have told him I want to end the relationship. However he responded very sensibly which surprised me. He said he will leave our flat soon, although I feel like I need to be very firm to make sure he does and not let myself change my mind. He also wants to remain friends and meet as friends once we had some time to adjust. It does almost seem to easy so I’m staying careful.
      ThePoppyGirl xx

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    Loving him and caring about him will not stop the abuse. Think of a blank page. You now get to fill in that page with wonderful colourful things. It will take time but life is so much better when we are free x

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    It never fails to amaze me the depth of love women have. We still care about them more than ourselves even though they clearly do not return that. Things get easier as you go through the process of dealing with the aftermath. It’s wise to have some professional help with that, be it a DV counsellor, a therapist, something like the freedom program or whatever. You’re,doing better than you realise.

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    Hi poppy, will done, what a huge step you’ve just taken, I’m so verra happy and proud of you. Don’t let him draw out leaving, give him a certain time to do it and then that’s it, make sure he starts packing his stuff now, he may lie his a..e off and lead you to believe he’s making alternative plans. As fir bring friends, it’s possible I suppose, but to be honest why would we want to stay friends with someone who really doesn’t care about us. If it was me I’d let him believe that was a possibility,but once he’s out of the house I’d lessen contact until there wasnt any. I’ve read how easy it is to be pulled back into a relationship with these men. The very best of luck to you, keep posting, I remember my oh saying he’d move out, return my car, not buy certain things for the house as it would give him money fir his new place, he went nowhere. Keeps making threats of going or dropping sarcastic remarks about how he’ll have to go since I’m not. How little he knows me🤣

    Again brilliant News I hope it really works out for you. 💜💜

    IWMB 💕💕

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