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    After exhausting events over the last few days and feeling like it’s a hopeless situation I put pen to paper to write a ‘letter’ to my ex . This will be destroyed and I would never show anyone, but I feel this is a safe place to share

    You, are quite simply, the vilest person I have ever met.
    You show no remorse for the vile abuse you put me through, and continue to put me through.
    Just know one thing.
    You will not overcome me.
    All I ever wanted and continue to want is my children to be happy. They are my everything. They deserve all the happiness in the world as they are the most beautiful, loving children in the world.
    I will fight for them, for their protection and be their advocate until the day I die and beyond the grave.
    You, do not deserve any more of my headspace.
    You are evil personified, and always will be.

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    Well done! I have done similar. So many things have changed since the police and WA became involved in my life. My ex will not let up. Ouch. Toxic doesn’t touch the sides.

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    Whoop whoop go girlfriend lol. Well said! So succint and to the point! Wish I could write like that. So glad this has helped you.

    I did lists, things he’s done. The things I do for my daughter. Why am I angry? I keep a ‘diary of return’ too, record all inccidents and the strange things she says.

    His new partner contacted me once to ask if there was anything she should know before moving in. As tempting as that was, I declined to comment. Can see now that she didnt really want to hear what I had to say anyway, she said she’d come out of a previous relationship where he lied about everything, so all I said was it sounds like we have a similar history, but I cant go into it any further and risk angering x and thus creating problems for my daughter – she has to be my priorty. I feel there was enough there to question yes? If she’d wanted to.

    Turns out she told him what she’d done as felt guilty about it, obs sees openess as important, just like me, its spooky how I know nothing about their relationship but the things I do pick up echoe the one we had, often leaves me with a chill! Bet he loved that, having her in the palm of his hand apolgising. Anyway, I wrote a letter to her, same priciple, never to be sent, unleash what would I really like to say lol – got it out of my system for sure! x

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