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    In the morning, when I wake, for a few blissful seconds my mind is still. But then the flood gates open and my body reacts to the thoughts that invade me.

    I am reading a book at the moment which says about us being a master of our own thoughts. This is a very short story I wrote to myself…..

    My mind is an island

    There is an island. This island once had an imposing mountain, one side was lush with vegetation, being fed with life giving rain. The other side of the mountain suffered from a rain shadow; no rain graced this side of the mountain and it was barren, stripped of the beauty it deserved, denied life by the over side of the mountain.

    Because of this mountain, the islands natural harbour was beaten by relentless storms that tore at the very fabric of this island.

    One day, the storm raged so fiercely that the mountain suffered a massive landslide. The vegetation and rock fell away, leaving the leaside of that mountain exposed and free. The wind and rain, no longer kept selfishly by the other side of the mountain, allowed new growth to bloom and flourish.

    Now the wind and rain could finally move across the island, the harbour was blessed with calm waters, the waves no longer a constant threat of destruction.

    This island, new in it’s freedom, chose to become a reserve. No longer welcome were fear, shame, guilt and self loathing; from this day forth only compassion, kindness, love and wisdom were allowed to enter this island.

    With much love xxxx

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     lover of no contact 

    Wow! I really love your short story. It’s so powerful. I’m going to copy and paste and keep that and read that regularly. I battle with anxiety/fear when I see my children affected by the abusers (their dad’s) need for power and control and his need to cause them distress so he can feel “big”. So even though I’m No Contact with abuser ex-husband; his patterns and behaviors still affect me due to our children being affected. Your story has really helped my anxiety and fear. I know I need to make a reserve in my mind/thoughts and not let them enter!

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    I’m tickled pink that it’s helped you!! 😁

    The rain shadow is a real geological term and I thought it was such a beautiful metaphor for an abusive relationship and the impact it has on us.

    If words help you (and you don’t already know it) check out Desiderata. It is a beautiful poem that always helps me find balance xxxxx

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     [email protected] 

    i struggle with anxiety from time to time – it does subside but anything negative that i see or hear about brings it on. especially when its family and friends. i often wonder does this anxiety go eventually its been along time for me so i hope so. love this metaphor! i can picture it in my head and will continue to xx much love diymum

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    Go create your island reserve diymum ♥️

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    That’s beautiful Escapee and very touching. Balance is restored on the island as it should be.
    Thank you kindly for sharing, reading inspiring stories has the magic to bring me a peaceful feeling no anti-anxiety pill can ever achieve.

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    Thank you ♥️

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