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      I was just getting over a nasty stomach bug and then this week have gone down with a horrible chesty/flu virus.
      We have both had it, My husband is very up and down anyway , no massive abuse but changeable and unkind comments then nicer, I feel so low and alone, would love a cuddle but couldnt have any physical contact with him and not that he gives much anyway. Then last night he had a call to say his older Brother has passed away suddenly so more issues to deal with.
      He is showing no emotion as ever, it so strange to me.
      Anyway he found out his brother had started treatment for cancer , not the immediate cause of death though it seems, it was sudden, and my Husband is awaiting a biopsy for the same thing, so so very very mixed up in my emotions.
      So many extra circumstances adding onto the abuse issues.

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      Hi Godschild,

      I am sending you a virtual hug!

      Being ill can make you feel very low. Take it easy as you recover.

      My ex never really showed emotion either about deaths, illnesses…it’s so weird.

      I can see hoe these events might complicate things, but don’t forget your own rights and your own importance amidst it all. The fact still remains that you deserve to be treated with respect and shouldn’t have to suffer abuse.


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      Thankyou serenity, good to hear you understand about not showing feelings , I feel so frustrated and now he has totally denied what he told me his sister in Law told him about the death, blatently denied it and said it must have bee a misinterpretation, then he came in the room and said we need to get a voice recorder in this house, then when I stuck him out on the facts of our conversation he then said oh well I’ve said im sorry I got it all mixed up,No Way !! , he often says he has said sorry when he has said nothing of the sort and then threw his arms in the air and said thats the end of it, now Im blowing it all up out of propotion, walking away feeling as though my head is in knots.
      Thankyou Serenity for reminding me of my own rights and importance. I had to cancel my telephone hour wiht WA Support worker due to being ill this week and am isolated. I feel I have lived with a child for a Husband most of my life, he will not take responsibility in any of lifes events he says now he shouldnt have been told about his Brother , when his mom got ill he refused to look at her prognosis and left it all to me saying he couldnt cope, they seem to think they were born with a rights to sit back and not have to get involved, sorry rant over, glad I can share on here with those who understand

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