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    im angry with myself today i have let “him” into my head. i try blocking him out not gube him a second of my time but today the horrible evil rat is in my thoughts and i dony know why.. im really tired as i have worked none stop had to have a botch job fixed in the house i have been full of cold now gotta water is rocking. i am fighting myself today im not going to cry hes not beating my brain anymore.. god im glad there is no contact im really scared id hurt him bad for what hes done to me. sorry for ranting i just feel so low and alone todsy

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    Hi. I probably can’t help at all because I don’t know what to say but I wanted you to not feel alone. I was feeling maybe similar to you yesterday but about my GP surgery instead of him. It’s stupid but it feels worse a professional letting you down but probably that’s because I’ve not left him yet so maybe trauma bond. You’ve obviously done so well because you’ve got away and no contact. That’s so good! It’s hard gettythe memories and bad feelings and hurt out of your head though. Its easier to say to someone else but is there anything even silly and small that you can distract yourself with? A nice bath, a film or book you like, a walk, a coffee out, a big slice of cake? I also daydream about events that happened but in my daydream I change how it happens. It’s not always good, sometimes I lose whole day to it but it helps me deal with things. I’m sorry if this doesn’t help. It’s so hard. xx

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    Oh no, that’s a lot going on. Sit somewhere quiet. Close your eyes and imagine you’re sitting next to a road. You see the cars going past – let them be your thoughts. Just watch them go past, acknowledge them but don’t follow them down the road. I hope you feel better soon, the house will be fixed when it’s fixed. Look after yourself and relax. Xx

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    thank you ladies every little helps i think it is trauma bond it wont beat me i won’t let it. just so very tired today and im in work 😫

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    The trauma bond gremlin. Ugly little b*gger isn’t he? We will beat him xx

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    hehe i dream of beating him all the time… (detail removed by moderator)🤣🤣

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    Ok…..while we being honest and open about revengeful daydreams … (detail removed by moderator) Gosh that’s gruesome but so satisfying – I promise I resy am a gentle soul! 😂

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    Haha escapee that did make me lol x

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    oh escapee i can tell your a gentle soul thats too much of a kind vengeful act. id hold him down for you why you did it. (detail removed by moderator). im sure it really would sting. x 🤔

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    Just wanted to show some love iamsad. Sorry to hear your having a low day boy I know those feel! One thing I’ve read on here is to just be with the emotions and know that it will pass I think that helps x

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    hello yellowflower it has passed today is gonna be a good day positive thoughts in my head gonna keep myself busy.. still hate the rat (detail removed by moderator) 🤣

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    Oh this thread made me laugh 😂
    if only those rats abused each other already they would extinct themselves wouldn’t that be nice
    Sending you hugs imsosad💕

    I liked the road and passing cars from HonkyDory, it’s calming just to think about it. I often put up wallpapers of roads, I find them peace-inducing.

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    oh what an amazing thought that they would all get in a Coliseum together. but the cowards can only pick on good woman no back bones to take on real men..(detail removed by moderator)my hate is so strong x

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